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Escalading RAID Options

We test drive Escalade 9500S-12MI from 3Ware. The low-cost controller wins on both performance and price: It rivals its SCSI competitors in most applications and supports the less-expensive SATA drive specification.

Getting a Handle on Your Disks With the RC4452

SATA RAID controllers are now on par with SCSI160 and SCSI320 systems and carry a much lower price point. RAIDCore's RC4452 is no exception to this. It is an inexpensive, high-performance controller that also boasts a wide feature set.

Kano SureVAULT -- A Portable, Plug-and-Play RAID Solution

With the increasing demands high-bandwidth applications place on storage, it's not unusual for servers to run out of storage before they are otherwise obsolete. SureVAULT, from Kano Technologies, lets organizations add external RAID storage to small servers without requiring an internal SCSI adapter.

Sun Fire V210 Takes on Intel-based Servers

If you've always thought of Sun's SPARC/Solaris servers as more expensive than comparable Intel-based products, think again. Our reviewer finds that the V210 is competitive in both price and performance with equivalent Xeon-based systems.

Traffic Management Made Easy With Total Traffic Control

The newest version of Lightspeed's Total Traffic Control goes beyond load balancing and traffic management. Version 4.0 now offers spam filtering, bandwidth management, traffic prioritization, firewall features, and more in a single box.

Redline E|X3250: Accelerating the Web Efficiently

Want to improve your Web-server performance without the dramatic step of upgrading your hardware? Install a Web-acceleration appliance. Logan Harbaugh reviews the Redline E|X3250, which can fuel dramatic improvements in your server performance.

Pogo Linux StorageWare 3800: An Affordable Terabyte

The Pogo Linux StorageWare 3800 offers a little over 1.2 terabytes of storage space for $7,400 on a Red Hat Linux platform -- an amazing amount of storage for an affordable price. Logan Harbaugh reviews.

Warp's 2063 Application Accelerator Is a Dynamic Performer

It carries a premium pricetag, but Warp Solutions' 2063 Application Acceleration Appliance can deal with dynamic content and requires no reconfiguration of your Web servers or network topology, while racking up 300% performance increases.

RLX vs. Tatung: Sharpening the Differences Between Blade Servers

Logan Harbaugh test drives two blade server systems, the 300ex from RLX and the TUD-2016 from Tatung. The units are comparable in many ways, including price, basic architecture, and operating systems supported. The differentiating factors? The management software and ease of use.

Protection Beyond the Firewall With KaVaDo

Logan Harbaugh reviews a suite of products from KaVaDo designed to guard against application-level attacks from which an ordinary firewall will not offer protection. The suite consists of three components: InterDo, an application-level firewall; ScanDo, a scanner that inspects the network for vulnerabilities; and AutoPolicy, which uses the results of ScanDo testing to configure the InterDo application.

HP ProLiant ML370 G3: Bringing Enterprise-Level Power to the Workgroup

HP's ProLiant ML370 G3 is the third major release of the 5U dual-processor workgroup server intended for very large workgroups. In addition to a strong performance boost, this latest release features a host of enterprise-class management and remote administration and redundancy tools.

Power Up XML Data Processing With the DataPower XA35 XML Accelerator

As XML continues to gain in popularity as a data exchange medium, network managers must contend with higher loads on Web servers, application servers, and database servers. DataPower's XA35 XML Accelerator offers one solution to increase the performance of many aspects of XML data processing.

SCSI Performance for an ATA Price

3Ware's ATA RAID controller is, in most cases, an excellent solution for enterprises looking to save on hardware expenditures. The high performance disk controller uses ATA drives to deliver hard drive performance equal to or better than SCSI, for half the price.

Is Meta-Content the Solution to Your FTP Woes?

Enterprises frustrated with the speed and reliability of FTP may wish to consider this offering from Digital Fountain. Logan Harbaugh reviews Transporter Fountain v2.0, a server appliance with a transport protocol not sensitive to packet loss or latency.

Improve Web Site Performance Without Buying More Servers

Looking to improve Web site performance two-fold or five-fold or maybe even ten-fold? Have $20,000 to spare but don't want to buy more servers? The Redline T|X 2200 Web I/O Acceleration appliance may be just the ticket then.

Keeping the Web Server Safe With Stratum8's APS-100

Stratum8 Networks' APS-100 offers a unique approach to intercepting potential hacks. The server appliance sits in front of a Web server and follows a model that defines correctness and assumes anything outside of that model to be a hack.

Is Total Traffic Control the Total Web Server Appliance?

With this review of Lightspeed Systems' Total Traffic Control 3.0, we dip our toes into the load balancing waters. Total Traffic Control is a server appliance that provides load balancing capabilities, traffic monitoring and control, a firewall, and various other capabilities -- all for a reasonable price.

Powering up With the Dell PowerEdge 6650

Dell's PowerEdge 6650 is a high-end, four-processor, 4U system well-suited for enterprises that require higher horsepower systems for functions like back-end databases, mail and messaging servers, or storage networks.

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