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Survey Finds Small Increase in Fourth Quarter IT Jobs

A recent survey found CIOs planning to add a minuscule net increase in jobs in the fourth quarter. With 6 percent planning to cut and 9 percent looking to add, the IT job outlook remains far from rosy.

CA Debuts 5 Virtualization Management Apps

Five new virtualization applications are designed to simplify life for IT managers and ease the complexity of moving virtual data loads throughout the organization.

NetApp Debuts New Cloud Computing Management Tools

New design guides and services are being aimed at service providers looking for faster and less-expensive ways to help enterprise customers build and manage both private and public cloud computing environments.

CA Expands Cloud Computing Portfolio With 3Tera Buy

The cloud computing startup's AppLogic software helps companies build and deploy applications to public and private clouds.

Citrix, Novell Partner on Virtualization, Cloud Computing

The business software makers are teaming up to give enterprise customers more flexibility to manage their virtual infrastructures on multiple operating systems.

Security Issues Temper Virtualization Craze

While 90 percent of enterprises surveyed by CDW have virtualized portions of their datacenters, 62 percent are still keeping "critical" apps on physical servers.

IBM Rolls Out New System z Linux Servers

Big Blue's latest offerings are designed for enterprise customers looking to consolidate and virtualize on Linux.

'Unlucky 13': Symantec's Security Trends for 2010

Hackers and malware purveyors are becoming more sophisticated. Computer users must follow suit by becoming equally wiser and more proactive.

IBM Releases Virtual Server Security App

New software from Big Blue promises better security, visibility and scalability for virtual data centers.

Gartner's Virtual Predictions

Gartner says only 16 percent of workloads are now running on virtual machines. It expects that figure to surge to 50 percent by 2012.

VMware to Broaden Reach With Thinstall Purchase

With its announced acquisition of Thinstall, VMware is expanding into the application virtualization space.

Virtualization Craze Brings the Bad With the Good

The oft-mentioned upside of virtualized data centers is the energy, time and money saved. With the technology, however, also comes security and planning issues.

Virtual Infrastructure 3 Goes Gold

As promised, VMware stamped Virtual Infrastructure 3 gold. Will the new release change how storage is managed?

HP Streamlines Blade Automation

With Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager, managing and controlling as many as 1,600 blade servers from a single console is a snap.

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