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IBM's New pSeries Servers: More Power, More Flexibility

IBM's new midrange UNIX servers in the pSeries line offer scorching performance combined with a unique computing-on-demand capability -- allowing enterprises to use only the CPUs and memory they need.

AMD: 64-Bit Opteron Suited for Enterprise Servers

AMD is working to usher in the 64-bit era in server computing with the introduction of the Opteron CPU line, which promises to be a drop-in replacement for 32-bit processors while offering the potential for a new wave of 64-bit applications.

March 2003 Netcraft Survey Results

The March 2003 Web-server survey from Netcraft polled 39,174,349 sites across the Internet. Apache held its lead as the most popular Web server, followed by Microsoft's IIS.

Sun: Solaris Powers Sprint's New 3G Network

Sun and Sprint have announced that Sun products and technologies are providing infrastructure and service delivery technology for Sprint's PCS Vision -- the company's Third Generation (3G) wireless products and services -- that recently debuted nationwide.

CERT Advisory: Buffer Overflow in Multiple DNS Resolver Libraries

A buffer overflow vulnerability exists in multiple implementations of DNS resolver libraries. Operating systems and applications that utilize vulnerable DNS resolver libraries may be affected. A remote attacker who is able to send malicious DNS responses could potentially exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service on a vulnerable system.

Worm Exploits Apache Flaw

If you're running Apache on your Solaris server, listen up: An exploit has been spotted in the wild, and while this exploit is designed to cripple FreeBSD systems, it could be modified easily to bring down Solaris systems.

Sun Announces Release of Java Web Services Developer Pack

Sun announces the release of its Java Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP). Find out what the pack includes, where to get it, and how it can help you in developing Java applications.

Transcender Releases Second Product for Solaris 8 Exams

Transcender, a subsidiary of Information Holdings, announces the release of SolCert/Admin II, a simulation of the Sun Certified System Administrator for the Solaris 8 Operating Environment - Part II (310-012) exam.

Apache 2.0.39 Released

This version of Apache is principally a security and bug fix release, partially designed to address the issues raised regarding chunked transfer encoding.

Sun Releases Solaris 9 for Early Access

The Early Access program will put Solaris 9 in hands of tens of thousands of users, who will then evaluate the new operating system.

Solaris 9 Comes One Step Closer to Final Release

Sun Microsystems unveils a program that puts the enterprise-level operating system in the hands of existing customers for evaluation.

CERT Warns of Solaris Exploit

A vulnerability in a graphical user interface for UNIX and Linux systems is being actively exploited against Solaris systems.

Sun Goes After Wintel/Lintel Vendors with New Server Line

Sun's new entry-level Sun Fire 280R server line is designed for enterprise buyers who are considering high-end Wintel/Lintel-based servers for database management and application servers.

Sun Retires Ultra Line of Workstations

It's the end of an era, as Sun officially retires the Sun Ultra line and launches a program to encourage existing Ultra owners to upgrade to the Sun Blade workstation line.

Sun Grows Sun Fire Line With New Entry Server, Introduces New Netra Server

Sun Microsystems introduced the newest member of the Sun Fire family.

Sun Previews New UltraSPARC IIIi Processor

Sun Microsystems previewed a new branch of the UltraSPARC III microprocessor family tree optimized for high density one-to-four processor server and workstation systems. Technical highlights for the chip include large L1 and L2 on-chip memory caches, integration of Sun's JBUS interconnect, and the first-ever use of asynchronous logic technology developed at Sun Microsystems Laboratories in the processor's memory interface subsystem.

Sun Releases Server-Appliance Management Tool

The Sun Cobalt Control Station is a tool for managing hundreds of server appliances while easing the provisioning of new services.

Sun Introduces High-End Server: Sun Fire 15K

Sun Microsystems today introduced the Sun Fire 15K server, a high-level Solaris-based server designed to complete with mainframes and other high-end servers.

Sun releases new version of J2EE

New features in this version of J2EE include Enterprise JavaBeans 2.0, J2EE containers, and the Java Message Service (JMS) for managing enterprise messaging.

Sun releases Forte for Java 3.0

The IDE supports deployment to leading J2EE application servers, has been optimized for the iPlanet Application Server 6.0, and is a core component of the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) -- an open architecture and integratable product portfolio to create, assemble and deploy Web services.

N+I Disrupted By Terrorist Attacks In NYC, DC

UPDATE: ATLANTA -- The NetWorld+Interop trade show in Atlanta, situated in the Georgia World Congress Center across the street from the CNN Center, is a virtual ghost town today in the wake of terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C.

FreeOS: (Apache) Web server tutorial

FreeOS posted a three-part series on setting up an Apache server.

Is the worst over for Sun?

A research report by Goldman Sachs' Laura Conigliaro suggests the worst may be over for Sun, but it will take an uptick in the worldwise economy and the firm addressing some internal miscues.

Sun's Ed Zander issues a call to arms against Microsoft

In his keynote address at JavaOne, Sun Microsystems President and COO Ed Zander urged developers to remain committed to open standards like Java, while eschewing closed services from Microsoft.

The May Netcraft survey is out: it's an Apache world!

Albeit released closer to June 1 than May 1, the Netcraft survey of Web servers has the Apache Web server slightly declining in market share.

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