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Apache Security: A Watched Bot Never Spoils (Your Server)

A smart, dynamic robots.txt makes it easier to keep an eye on those cagey bots for better server security and performance.

Secure Apache: Out, Damned Bot!

Learn how to defend your Web server against abusive spiders and 'flies.'

PHP on Apache: The Definitive Installation Guide

Need a hands-on guide to installing PHP on your Apache installation? Apache pioneer Ken Coar provides a step-by-step road map to installing PHP on Apache.

Using .htaccess Files with Apache

One of the most common needs Webmasters have is to cause the Web server to handle all the documents in a particular directory, or tree of directories, in the same way--such as requiring a password before granting access to any file in the directory, or allowing (or disallowing) directory listings.

Suexec and Apache: A Tutorial

When you're running an Apache Web server for yourself, you don't think about the user that's running the Apache server itself (typically nobody on Linux systems). But what if you're an ISP with multiple companies being hosted on your system? Or an educational institution with faculty who want to be able to execute their own scripts?

Securing Your Web Pages with Apache

With Web security becoming a paramount concern, securing your Apache installation should be the highest priority on your to-do list. Apache expert Ken Coar explains how Apache enforces security mechanisms and what you can do to enforce a secure system.

Keeping Your Images from Adorning Other Sites

Webmasters are ever searching for ways to make their sites look cool and attractive. Of course, if you happen to be in the forefront of this in any way, you run the risk of having others cadge your art to dress up their sites. This article shows how you can use Apache configuration directives to limit access to your art so that it's more difficult to use elsewhere.

Getting Started with Apache 1.3

While you're licking your chops and waiting for Apache 2.0 to be released, you're probably facing a very real situation of having to set up an Apache Web server today. In this overview, Apache pioneer Ken Coar goes through all the steps needed to install and configure an Apache 1.3 Web server.

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