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IT Spending Recovery One Year Out

When it comes to IT, this recession won't be a repeat of the dot-com crash years, according to one industry watcher.

Virtualization Arrives for HP SANs

The OEM built a SAN platform that promises easier storage management at a less expensive price.

Will Solid State Drives Go Beyond Enterprise?

Insiders predict a revolution in solid state storage next year.

Sun Goes Hybrid, Opens Cheap, Bulky Boxes

Sun launched a new line of less-expensive and bulkier open storage boxes and added a hybrid storage server to the Thumper line.

'Cheap' Storage Still Costly

Worldwide enterprise storage costs are predicted to spike to more than $2 billion by 2009, according to IDC. Part of the reason: storage infrastructure.

Sun Grows OpenSolaris Toolkit

Pundits, however, remain unconvinced that open source is a storage element.

NEC's UC Tool Hits Market

NEC has joined newly popular unified communications space.

Big Blue Bets Big on Communications Strategy

IBM Monday revealed it will invest $1 billion toward enhancing Lotus Sametime and bolstering its unified communications strategy to better compete with Microsoft and others.

Mainframe Storage Gets Virtual Tape Tool Option

EMC is bringing virtual tape libraries to the world of mainframe storage management. It claims its new offering can eliminate the challenges inherent in traditional tape-based processes as well as cut data center operating costs.

IBM Serves Up Blade for Retailers

In its quest to offer client-centered infrastructures, Big Blue Monday unveiled a custom-designed blade aimed at retailers.

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