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Microsoft Patches WMF Flaw Early

To address customer complaints and users going to unofficial patches for the answer, Microsoft has fixed a critical flaw five days early.

Windows Server 2003 R2 Goes Gold

The final release of Redmond's updated server software should hit the shelves within the next 60 days.

Sun Gives JavaServer Faces Open Source Treatment

Continuing its open source rollout, Sun releases the latest reference implementation to its Web application developer technology under CDDL.

JBoss Tweaks Migration Program

The open source vendor is standardizing the migration path away from competing, commercial app server vendors.

IBM's App Manager Gets Facelift

Big Blue has refreshed its WebSphere Extended Deployment 6.0 for more business flexibility

Dell Delivers More Dual Core

The PowerEdge 830 and 850 expand on the launch of the dual-core processor lineup.

Opening Day for OpenSolaris Source Code

On Tuesday, Sun took the much-anticipated step of releasing the source code to the Solaris operating system. Now the question is how it's managed.

Red Hat Releases Directory Server Code

With this release, the Linux vendor addresses both the Fedora and commercial communities.

IBM Expands Paid Open Source Strategy

Big Blue will use Gluecode's open source software as a springboard to paid services and its WebSphere line.

Microsoft Launching 64-Bit XP, Server 2003

After nearly two years of beta testing, Redmond releases an OS for the next-generation technology.

OSI Tackles License 'Explosion'

The OSI will hold a meeting Wednesday to address the growing pool of open source licenses.

IBM Adds SUSE to ISV Certification Program

Three months after starting an ISV support program for Red Hat, Big Blue has added Novell's Linux distro to the mix.

Altiris Buys Tonic for App-Level Monitoring

Life cycle management vendor Altiris announced it will round out its server management portfolio with the acquisition of Tonic Software.

Novell OES Enters Public Beta

The company's new networking services software — which blends Netware and Linux — is now available for a sneak peek.

Dell to Offer SUSE on Servers

The company adds a second Linux distro to its line up, and, in so doing, helps Novell gain a stake in the North American market.

Altiris Serves Up Management Upgrade

The company has released a major upgrade to its server management suite targeted at hybrid Linux/Microsoft shops.

IBM's New eServer Supports AMD Dual-Core

Although AMD's Opteron dual-processor chip is months away, Big Blue is getting companies ready with a beefed-up eServer 325 called the eServer 326.

Oracle Targets SMBs with App Server Lite

Oracle's Application Server 10g is targeting smaller businesses by delivering more bang for the buck.

BEA Pares WebLogic for ISVs

In a bid to entice more ISVs to adopt its middleware software suite, BEA released 'SOA in a box,' a kit for building service oriented architectures.

IBM Tosses Embedded Database to Apache

IBM this week released a copy of its Java-based Cloudscape relational database application to the Apache Software Foundation.

IBM Puts Lotus on the Server

Software from any device is Big Blue's latest mantra for enterprise application computing.

Microsoft Readies Next Enterprise IM Server

Microsoft's next iteration of its enterprise instant messaging software, Live Communication Server 2005, is set to begin next month. The server's new feature set is designed to lure more business users.

Sun Introduces App Server 8

The latest version of the Sun Java System Application Server Platform incorporates Java Server Faces and WS-I support, and includes an SDK for J2EE 1.4.

Red Hat Tests Positive for IBM eServer

Mere months after investing $50 million in one commercial Linux vendor, IBM announced it will help another with its sales.

Oracle Comes Full Circle in Enterprise

In his keynote speech at Oracle Appsworld last week, CEO Larry Ellison was all about data.

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