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Apache Week issue 298

The latest Apache Week discusses the abandoned 2.0.37 release, PHP performance issues in Apache 2.0, and links to a few articles.

Fujitsu announces the Solaris 9 Operating Environment on its PRIMEPOWER servers

Fujitsu will also add value, by offering its latest five nines high-availability products, such as PRIMECLUSTER software to ensure the highest levels of service for broadband and mission-critical computing. (Press release)

My Sun Solaris 8 for Intel FAQ

Ola Eriksson has a FAQ with 39 questions (and answers) covering Solaris 8 for Intel.

Sun increases Unix market lead in Asean and India Region

Sun announced that based on IDC's (International Data Corporation) Q1 2002 Enterprise Server Tracker Report, its RISC/Unix server revenue market share in the ASEAN & India region grew to 42.8 percent, a significant increase from 37.8 percent share it enjoyed in Q4 2001.

Apache Week Issue 297

The latest Apache Week discusses development and input filtering, benchmarking 1.3 vs. 2.0, webserver usage surveys, and links to recent articles.

J.D. Edwards Announces Support for Sun Solaris 9 Operating Environment

Solaris 9 enables software developers to easily integrate through its open, extensible architecture. This ensures better scalability, higher availability and security, and integrated management functionality in J.D. Edwards OneWorld Xe, without recompiling, recoding or rearchitecting. (Press Release)

Deadline for ApacheCon US 2002 session proposals is Friday

The deadline for submitting proposals for sessions for the upcoming ApacheCon US 2002 is Friday, May 31.

Sun Microsystems continues as the world's top UNIX workstation vendor

Sun Microsystems, Inc. continues as the world's top UNIX workstation vendor with 68 percent market share for global shipments and 25 million in global revenue according to Q1CY'02 results from analyst firm IDC. In shipments terms, Sun outpaced all competitors combined. In revenue terms, Sun's year-over-year gain of three percent, compared to IBM's loss of five percent, extended Sun's share to 42 percent of the market. (Press Release)

Several companies announce support of new Solaris 9 OE

Several companies announced today that their products support the latest update to Sun's UNIX operating environment. Solaris 9 OE is available for SPARC systems and provides over 300 new features and supports more than 12,000 applications.

Sun ships Sun ONE Studio 7, Compiler Collection

Sun ships first component of Sun ONE Studio product line, Sun ONE Studio 7, Compiler Collection, to increase performance and quality of Solaris 9 OE applications.

LPI certification 102 prep, Part 4

This tutorial concludes the LPI 102 exam prep series with this fourth installment, which shows how to implement basic Linux security including proper Network File System (NFS) configuration and use of the secure shell (ssh). By the end of this series of tutorials (eight in all: four related to the 101 exam and four related to the 102 exam), you'll have the knowledge you need to become a Linux Systems Administrator and will be

Apache Week issue 294

The latest Apache Week covers the 2.0.36 release, recent development (such as the mod_deflate module), a call for participation for the next ApacheCon, and links to recent article

Apache 2.0.36 Released

Since the 2.0.35 release last month, several improvements have been made.

Trusted Solaris 8 4/01 OE obtains marketplace first in security certification

Trusted Solaris 8 OE is the only operating system to carry the Common Criteria Labeled Security Protection Profile at Evaluation Assurance Level 4 certification. (Press Release)

Support for Project JXTA technology continues to grow

Through the open-source community, thousands of developers and dozens of universities and companies are developing and investigating compelling services and applications based on JXTA that demonstrate the benefits of P2P technology.

ApacheMI released

ApacheMI is an icon set for Apache Servers by Martin Mason Merz.

New Architect Magazine reviews Covalent's Enterprise Ready Server

Covalent's new Enterprise Ready Server (ERS) isn't just another commercial Web server offering. It's a complete management system designed to handle configuration, monitoring, and log file management for a distributed network of Apache Web servers.

Sun aligns several software brands under Sun One name

Simplified branding program unifies iPlanet, Forte, StarOffice and Chili!Soft software portfolio: It's time for our software brand to reflect what our customers already know; there is no more complete, secure and productive platform for making the net work than Sun ONE.

Everything Solaris: Apache: Handling Traffic

How you scale your infrastructure from here is wholly dependant on your growth needs and budget available. You will need to analyze your Website traffic and monitor your server performance characteristics closely to see how they all interelate.

Apache 2.0.32 beta is available

The Apache HTTP Server Project is proud to announce the thirty-second release of Apache 2.0. The Apache HTTP Server Project has determined that this release is of beta quality. This makes 2.0.32 the third public beta of Apache 2.0. This release has been tested thoroughly and has been running the apache.org web site since Feb. 7, 2002.

PostgreSQL v7.2 Final Release

After almost a full year of development since PostgreSQL v7.1 was released, the PostgreSQL Global Development Group is proud to announce the availability of our latest development milestone ... PostgreSQL v7.2, another step forward for the project.

Apache 2.0.28 Released as Beta

The Apache Group is proud to announce the twenty-eighth release of Apache 2.0. This is the second public beta of Apache 2.0. This release has been tested thoroughly and has been running the apache.org web site since Nov. 9, 2001.

developer.com: On the Security of PHP, Part 1

Despite the fact that PHP is designed with security in mind, a familiarity with its more dangerous aspects and conformance to common secure programming guidelines is essential to minimizing the possibility of security compromises. The aim of this document is to provide an overview of various security issues with PHP and to offer advice on secure PHP programming practices.

Apache Module Registration: mod_auth_plain

The mod_auth_plain module has been added to the Apache Module Registry; it implements Apache authentication routines using plain text files.

Apache Tomcat 4.0 Final Released

Apache Tomcat 4.0, which implements the new features of the new Servlet 2.3 and JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.2 specifications, was officially announced on September 17.

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