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Lucent Technologies and Sun Microsystems Pioneer Carrier-Grade Internet Protocol Platform for Mobility

Lucent Technologies and Sun Microsystems today announced that they have achieved a major leap in the evolution of Lucent's core mobile switching center to support IP services on an industry-standard, open computing platform.

Sun and Noblestar Bring Proven Wireless Solutions to Market

Sun Microsystems a leading provider of hardware, software and services that power the Internet, and Noblestar, the company that elegantly engineers successful digital businesses, today announced a strategic relationship to deliver customizable wireless solutions to the growing population of corporate customers demanding quickly deployable, proven wireless solutions.

Solaris 8 01/01 Available from Sun

Download Solaris 8 01/01 free from Sun!

3Dlabs' Wildcat II Powers Sun Microsystems' New Expert3D-Lite Graphics

3Dlabs announced that its acclaimed Wildcat II graphics is providing the core graphics technology for the new Sun Expert3D-Lite professional graphics card from Sun Microsystems.

Sprint, Sun Form Alliance to Provide Integrated Solution for E-Business Customers

Sprint and Sun Microsystems are aligning sales and marketing teams to create a strategic alliance that will provide an integrated Web solution for customers, enabling both companies to capture revenue and market share in the hosting and Application Infrastructure Provider markets.

Sun Is World's Fastest Growing Server Company, Says IDC Tally

Sun Microsystems announced that in calendar year 2000 it was the fastest growing server vendor in the industry, according to the final year-end worldwide data from industry analyst firm International Data Corporation (IDC).

Sun Microsystems to Make Java(TM) Media Framework (JMF) Available Under Sun Community Source Licensing

Sun Microsystems announced the release of the Java Media Framework API software, a ''one-stop shop'' for multimedia on the Java platform.

Sun Launches sub-000 Solaris Workstation

Users who are craving 64-bit functionality without coughing up a lot of cash may have the chance to fulfill their desires following yesterday's launch of the Sun Blade 100 from Sun Microsystems.

How do I tell how much disk space a user is taking up?

quot -af | grep username where username is the username of the user you're looking for

How do I get rid of CDE in Solaris 2.6?

/usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -d ; /usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -kill

Sun Netra X1

Checkout the new Netra X1 from Sun ... 400MHz, 128MB RAM, 20 GB Disk ... All for under a thousand bucks.

Routing/PSD FAQ

This PSD documents a wide variety of information concerning routing as implemented in the SunOS and Solaris operating systems. It is intended as both an introduction to routing, and as a guide to the most common problems. Routing can be a very complex subject, and this PSD can really only skim the surface of it.

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