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The Software Defined Data Center Emerges (Slowly)

A variety of IT trends are fueling the software defined data center, yet SDDC still lacks a central driver to propel it into the mainstream.

Tips from Experts on Building a Private Cloud

Launching a private cloud can put you on the road to a streamlined, efficient and flexible IT infrastructure.  Avoid potential pitfalls and learn how to make the most of your private cloud with these five tips.

Can OpenStack Overcome Its Cloudy Climate?

Will political in-fighting and dissent over open and closed cloud platform alternatives prevent cloud providers from helping make the cloud enterprise a reality?

Security: The Biggest Holdup to Cloud Computing

A lack of understanding of security risks is one of the key factors hampering cloud computing adoption. Find out the five most overlooked threats to the technology.

Cloud Computing: 5 Predictions for 2011

Is your New Year's resolution to roll more of your IT infrastructure into the cloud? Here are 5 key trends to keep an eye on as you plan your cloud computing deployments.

Virtualization Adoption on the Decline

Recent research reports show the rate of enterprises adopting virtualization is on the decline. Has the silver bullet misfired, or is something else happening here?

10 Virtualization Predictions for 2009

Winners, losers, acquisitions, the effect of the recession, and more insight into virtualization trends in the year ahead.

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