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RAID's Final Countdown

Looks like the long-running data storage technology may be headed for trouble. We examine the problem -- and various potential solutions.

Storage Virtualization: Good News for Consultants

Virtually Speaking: Storage virtualization has some limitations that could make it ill-suited for high-performance environments.

Linux File Systems, Revisited

Contrary to popular opinion, Linux file systems will require changes to handle the 100TB environments that will become commonplace in the not-too-distant future.

Are Linux File Systems Right for You?

Linux file systems aren't for everyone. A variety of limitations make them poorly suited for large and HPC environments.

Get Ready for RAID-6

RAID-6 is becoming a common way to get the most out of SATA drives. If you're considering using RAID-6, be sure your RAID controller is up to the task.

Storage Horizon 2008

Enterprise Storage Forum's Henry Newman reviews how accurate his 2007 predictions were and weighs in on where he thinks storage is headed in 2008.

Fighting the Storage Fear Factor

What do storage vendors and car salesmen have in common? Both use fear as a key selling tactic. Learn the four warning signs to avoid falling into their trap.

Data Tape Constraints

Like any other medium, data tapes have limits and finite lifespans. To prevent data loss, such parameters must be followed.

The Importance of Data Restoration

Your backup is only as good as your ability to restore. This case study demonstrates why.

A DIY Guide to Resolving Tape-RAID Skirmishes

Most of the time, tape and RAID have a relationship akin to peanut butter and jelly or bagels and lox. What happens when they don't? Here's how one organization found the answer.

Strategic Storage Budgeting

Before running the numbers, make sure your requirements are being met.

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