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Top Ten Rack Servers

These leading rack servers can handle virtually any type of workload. This in-depth roundup lists rack servers from from economical to the most expensive.

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950: Rack Server Overview and Insight

The SR950 is a top-of-the-line server for the most demanding workloads, at a premium price. It is aimed at enterprise users in ERP and other demanding commerce applications that facilitate business transactions.

HPE Proliant DL325: Rack Server Overview and Insight

DL325 delivers two-processor performance with one-processor economics, a claim backed up by single socket performance leadership in a key virtualization benchmark.

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630: Rack Server Overview and Insight

The Lenovo SR630 offers plenty of memory and storage capacity, along with versatile configurations. It has world record benchmark scores for 1-processor rack server performance for compute-intensive applications.

Cisco UCS C125 M5: Rack Server Overview and Insight

Cisco UCS C125 M5 racks, with an inexpensive starting price, are the workhorses of the Cisco UCS family.

IBM Power System S922: Rack Server Overview and Insight

The IBM Power Systems S922 server is designed from the ground up for data intensive workloads like databases, analytics, leading-edge HPC workloads and artificial intelligence projects.

Dell EMC PowerEdge R840: Rack Server Overview and Insight

The Dell EMC PowerEdge R840 rack server can turbocharge data analytics using a small footprint with a dense 2U form factor design.

HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10: Rack Server Overview and Insight

HPE continues to invest in the DL380, adding better processors, more memory, NVMe, more robust networking and more. It can function well for databases, analytics and mission-critical applications.

Oracle SPARC S7-2: Rack Server Overview and Insight

The Oracle S7-2 rack server is geared for web infrastructure, application development, databases, and business applications. It's solid choice for committed Oracle users.

Dell EMC PowerEdge R7425: Rack Server Overview and Insight

The Dell EMC PowerEdge R7425 design makes it easy to add extreme memory and storage capacity for low latency, data intensive workloads.

Cisco UCS C240 M5: Rack Server Overview and Insight

For companies with significant budget looking to move beyond the commodity white box the Cisco UCS C240 should always be considered a good choice.

Dell PowerEdge Microserver Buying Guide

With microservers threatening to become the next great server form factor, Dell is pushing micros hard with the debut of its third generation PowerEdge microserver.

HP ProLiant Server Buying Guide

Generation eight of HP's ProLiant line of servers debuts as the latest major makeover of the company's x86 mainstay.

IBM System z (Mainframe) Buying Guide

While IBM last introduced a major new zEnterprise System in 2010, the company certainly hasn't been resting on its mainframe laurels since then.  Our latest Buyer's Guide explores the recent additions and innovations to the company's mainframe line.

Oracle x86 Servers Buying Guide

Oracle continues to invest in the abundant x86 intellectual property it inherited from Sun Microsystems, and with its latest x86 server releases the company is positioning them even more prominently.

IBM System x Server Buying Guide

When Intel releases a new processor, the OEMs typically race to refresh their wares. IBM is often the exception to this. Its most recent System x change up was well worth the few weeks wait.

IBM Power Systems Server Buying Guide

When it comes to Unix servers, IBM's Power Systems are the market leaders. Do they have what it takes to empower your server infrastructure?

Cisco UCS Server Buying Guide

If you discounted Cisco's entry into the server market a few years ago, it's time to reconsider.

Dell AMD Server Buying Guide

Dell believes the latest refresh of its AMD PowerEdge servers gives it a leg up on the competition when it comes to performance.

Oracle SPARC Server Buying Guide

Oracle recently introduced a new line of SPARC servers and a SPARC SuperCluster based on its brand new T4 chip. Here's a rundown of the new product offerings.

Oracle Previews Upcoming Solaris 11 and Oracle Linux Changes

At last week's Oracle OpenWorld, the OEM offered a glimpse at upcoming changes for Solaris 11 and the Oracle Enterprise Kernel for Linux.

Kontron Servers Buying Guide

Not familiar with Kontron? You're not alone. Until recently, it's main business was embedded boards and integrated computing platforms. Now the hardware vendor has added rackmount computers and enclosures to its lineup.

HP Integrity Server Buyer's Guide

HP's Integrity servers don't see nearly as much refresh action as its ProLiant line. This year, a new NonStop BladeSystem and Integrity Superdome means big changes for its high-end line.

HP ProLiant Servers Buyer's Guide

HP's popular ProLiant line spans the full range of server form factors, from microserver to rack, tower, and blade to its scale-out lines. Find out what's new in these five categories.

Unisys Server Buyer's Guide

If you ruled out Unisys because you think it sells just old school mainframes, it's time to give this server provider another look. The OEM's high-end x86 servers and mainframes take full advantage of its years of experience in implementing enterprise-class solutions.

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