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Professional ASP.Net 1.0, Special Edition

While there are a lot of new books about ASP.Net that may look quite interesting, Danny Lesandrini takes a look at what is perhaps the best reference available for ASP.Net in his latest book review.

Wrox Professional .Net Framework

.Net is here to stay, and serious professionals who want to continue in this business need to keep up with technology. In his latest review, Danny Lesandrini takes a look at an excellent resource for getting acquainted with the .Net framework.

Send E-mail Using Microsoft Outlook Automation

The question of how to e-mail-enable your VB (and VBA) applications comes up quite frequently. Code to automate Outlook isn't that complicated, but for those who have never explored the Microsoft Outlook object model, it can be rather confusing. In his latest article, Danny Lesandrini offers tips and a script to help those struggling with this issue.

ADO Examples and Best Practices

In this book review, Danny Lesandrini explores an ADO resource aimed at the experienced ADO user looking to glean additional information on the subject. The author offers a refreshing, light-humored approach that makes for an easy read from what could be considered a very dry subject.

Code Text of VBS File to Execute JMail

Code Text of VBS File to Execute JMail

Outlook Appointments, ASP and vCalendar

Danny Lesandrini explains vCalendar

VB Script to Compare Two Text Files

Want a quick and easy way to check some class module files or SQL Script files for changes? Check out this Visual Basic Script for an automated and simplified process of comparing files.

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