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Does Virtualization Increase IT Costs? Depends on Who's Talking.

We all know that virtualization doesn't represent some sort of magic bullet that makes all your management concerns disappear, but some claim virtualization can even increase management costs.

The Unofficial 5-Step Guide to Keeping Up With Linux

Keeping pace with a speeding penguin is no simple task. Learn where to find the latest info to stay current with this constantly evolving operating system environment.

Storage Virtualization for Network Administrators

Virtually Speaking: Virtualization changes the way your storage is managed, freeing you from costly, time-consuming data migrations and unrealistic customer expectations.

Treat Security Compromises Like Disasters

If you treat Unix security compromises with the same care you take when you plan for physical disasters, you'll find yourself with a lot less downtime and a lot more peace of mind.

Sun Fire X4600, Combining the Need for Speed With Energy Efficiency

When it comes to servers, speed isn't nearly as important as good design, redundancy and close attention to detail. The Sun Fire X4600 aims to deliver all this -- along with with extreme flexibility.

Sametime but Hardly Same Old

The latest version of the popular collaboration client offers extended platform support, Web conferencing, instant messaging and a host of other enhancements.

IBM x3250, Server Room Chameleon

The x3250 is targeted at the low end, yet has an array of options that enables it to range from a fairly weak machine with a single Celeron D processor to a mission-critical quad-core Xeon workhorse.

Secure Infrastructures -- Make It Hard to Penetrate, Hard to Expand

Too often, enterprises focus on the gritty details of host-specific security issues rather than overall design, which has tremendous impact on security.

Securing Your Unix Infrastructure

If your servers are running Unix-based apps, chances are they are a critical component of your infrastructure. When was the last time they had a security checkup?

ZFS: Should You?

Considering a move to ZFS? Learn about its advantages and limitations, performance considerations, and manageability.

Proxy Reversal by the Pound

Deciding on a proxy server may feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Configuring the selected server can feel like your eye is being poked with found needle. With Pound, an easily configured secure and free reverse proxy server, neither is the case.

Securing via Proxy

A reverse proxy is one way to secure and load balance Web servers. This article discusses the concept of proxy servers and reverse proxies, and how they can be used to provide better Web services.

IBM x3500, No Ordinary Workgroup Server

There's nothing unusual about the target market for the IBM System x3500. The workgroup server is positioned at remote offices and small businesses. Its high availability, flexibility and powerful nature set it apart from the traditional big-towers-with-tons-of-disks that seem to plague back offices.

Unix Remains Pretty Spry for 'Dead'

As Linux installs claim glory, there's still an argument to be made for Unix. Charlie Schluting weighs in.

x3455, Green Yet Mean

It's rare to find a server that is both powerful and power aware, yet IBM's System X x3455 is just that.

Step Into the Virtual Zone

When it comes to Solaris 10 virtualization, Zones are where it's at.

Solaris 10: What's New in Update 2?

In addition to the long-awaited ZFS, the second update of Solaris 10 features the Solaris Fault Manager for AMD64, IPv6 support for IPFilter and more.

Test Driving Sun's T2000

Sun Microsystems' new T1 processor has been described as both innovative and game-changing. More important, however, is how the chip fares in a real-world server configuration. We take the T2000 out for a spin to find out.

Dig Deep, Display Shallow With Splunk

Tired of teasing through server logs with grep? Consider putting Splunk's AJAX-powered log analysis tools to work.

Navigate OS X With NetInfo Manager

From adding remote mounts to getting root, OS X's NetInfo Manager is a handy tool.

Unix or Windows, Operating System Selection Factors

Performance, security, and ease of management are key factors to consider when picking a server operating system.

Log Analysis, Looking Beyond Web Servers

Our log analysis series wraps up with a look at how to best analyze logs from proxy, mail, and FTP servers.

Analyzing Web Server Logs

A lot can be learned from log files, but how much — and how easily — depends on the analysis tool selected. We weigh the pros and cons of five popular apps.

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