More articles by Bruce Szabo

Using VBScript to Pull Meetings from Outlook

In his latest article, Bruce Szabo presents an appointment/meeting script for use with Microsoft Outlook that creates an e-mail with the current week's appointments listed.

Status Report Script for Outlook

Status reports seem to be the bane of many IT jobs. In his latest article, Bruce Szabo presents a script that uses an Outlook task list to create a status report. The script uses the Outlook Application Object to get access to a user's task items and to automatically create and send status reports.

Using WMI for Inventory Management

With Windows 2000, WMI (Windows Management Interface) has now blossomed into a full-fledged technology. In a Windows 2000 environment where WMI is standard, a script can be written to populate an inventory database by utilizing ADO, WSH and WMI. This document will explain how the script works and some information that can be gathered.

ASP Bar Chart Class

This article explores an ASP class that allows the creation of bar charts. The charts are created using tables, cell colors and images and can be displayed in both Netscape and Internet Explorer.

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