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Big Data Means Big Changes for Cloud Deployments

Big data is becoming increasingly prevalent in data center and cloud environments. Now the question is how to best manage networks for the simultaneous transfer of millions of records.

But What About NetWare?

The Novell acquisition moves forward. Is anyone wondering what the future of NetWare will be? Is there a future for NetWare?

Open-Xchange Continues to Deliver Solid Collaboration

Full-featured collaboration and messaging is not beyond the reach of small- to medium-sized businesses. Open-Xchange, an open source collaboration server, scales very well into any size organization, thanks to a variety of delivery systems.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Signs Point to Yes

After reading about the evolution of Unix, the question arises: Will the future of Unix be strong?

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Sun Should Loosen Up

Sun is trying to be a good open source citizen, but to truly succeed it needs to let loose of the reins a bit and let open source methodology do the work.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: HP Gifts AdvFS, Big Bow on Small Box

They say good things come in small packages. HP's open sourcing of the Tru64 Advanced File System is all well and good. But a big deal? Mm, maybe not so much.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Making Good on a Promise

When IBM started shipping machines with Linux, people thought AIX was a goner. Or Linux soon would be marginalized. Eight years later, neither has happened, and one very positive outcome has resulted.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Can It Be Easy to Be Green?

A recent survey finds Linux more power efficient than Windows. Can Unix do better?

Enterprise Unix Roundup: One Direction for Post-Enterprise Unix

The number of large enterprises is much smaller than other markets, and Unix is still losing market share to Linux. So where can Unix go from here?

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Disruption in the OS Market? Hardly

A new report from Gartner on the operating system market promises to reveal big changes in that sector in coming years. Except it looks like the roadmap we've predicted all along.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Operating Systems on the Analyst's Couch

The debate about which enterprise OS is best seems endless. Who's got the best apps? The best management features? The best security? One Greek academician has taken the analysis to a deeper level to see which OS has the best kernel code.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Serving Up OS X

Linux on the desktop? Apple in the enterprise? Two questions, with perhaps the same answer.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: OpenSolaris, Farm Team or Big League?

Despite a long history and solid reviews, the jury seems out on OpenSolaris before it even gets going.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Law and Order, Unix Edition

One trial ends; one trial starts. Both of this week's court cases could have far-reaching implications for the Unix and Linux communities.

Is Paravirtualization Circling the Drain?

Maybe, according to KVM maintainer and Linux kernel developer Avi Kivity. A closer examination, however, reveals that a terminal diagnoses may be premature.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: And the Most Reliable OS of All Is ...

A new survey from the Yankee Group reveals some telling information about the reliability of Linux, Unix, and Windows servers. Hint: Redmond isn't going to be happy.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Decoding Sun's OS Plans

Wondering which operating system Sun is going to place it bets on? Linux? Solaris? Hey, how about both?

Enterprise Unix Roundup: HP, Our Unix is Easier to Use

HP returns IBM's swipe with some of its own. It takes aim at AIX in an announcement about HP-UX 11i v3 Update 2, which is coming out this month.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Thunderclouds of Battle Over the Horizon

Small skirmishes between IBM and HP seem to be heating up toward outright conflict. The winner? Us.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Oracle Breaks Out ClusterWare

Unbreakable Linux has seemed rather unexciting on the enterprise scene. A new offering from Oracle may change that.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Take This with a Grain of Salt (Palace)

Another year, another Brainshare. The big theme out of Salt Lake City this year? That old standby, interoperability.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Sun Hits Community-Building Road Bumps

The chaffing and complaining within the OpenSolaris community about Sun is not dying down. If anything, it's getting louder. Is it an inevitable by-product of centralized open source projects?

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Whacked With the Unix Clue Stick?

Windows Server 2008 came out last week. Curiously, Microsoft seems to be giving nods to Unix and open source development as a factor in the product's improvements. There are indeed a lot of Unix-y things in WS2008, but don't think this is just friendly imitation.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: And the Hits Just Keep on Coming

In case you had any doubt, Unix application development is still alive and well. And, it seems, so is The SCO Group.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Have Unix Your Way

With server appliance sales growing, is the future merely a world of transparent operating systems?

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