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Divergence in Server Strategy

As Dell refocuses on low-end, entry-level servers, IBM unleashes a campaign to help high-end Dell customers migrate to its eServer x440 systems.

More Headaches for Sendmail

The Sendmail Consortium, which manages deployment of the world's most popular message transfer agent (MTA) to handle email, was left scrambling over the weekend to fix a remotely exploitable vulnerability that could allow an attacker to gain control of a unpatched sendmail server.

IBM, AMD Join UnitedLinux

IBM and AMD became the newest members of the UnitedLinux consortium this week. The two vendors were the first companies to be named as Technology Partners, giving them a ground floor position to add input into future versions.

Red Hat Looks to Blend Java With Linux

Red Hat Tuesday announced a partnership with BEA Systems to add a Java Virtual Machine to the enterprise-version of its open-source operating system.

Blurring the Line Between Open Source & .NET

UPDATE: At an open source developer convention in San Diego, Microsoft takes steps to bridge its web services framework to the world of Apache.

BEA Systems Spices Up Java 'The Cajun Way'

UPDATE: At its eWorld 2002 developer conference in San Diego, the platform provider is releasing its new development framework, code-named 'Cajun.' Combined with its market-leading app server, BEA argues it has put together a formidable package.

Sun Microsystems Hits Midrange Market Segment

With new servers, Sun hopes to simplify scalability, but are we ready for greater computing performance?

Red Hat Promotes VP to CFO

Linux vendor to host first-ever analyst day with new financial chief.

IBM Delivers On Its Promise

IBM Monday announced a new line of appliance servers as part of eServer line.

IBM Delivers on Its Promise

As promised by Big Blue's push earlier this month when it made a huge splash into the Web server business (see IBM Unveils Next-Generation e-Business Server), IBM Monday announced a new line of eServer appliances, including Intel-based Linux and Windows Web-hosting appliance servers.

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