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Hardware Today: Unisys Server Snapshot

Although Unisys is one of the longest-standing players in the server market, its hardware revenue has largely given way to that of services. We examine the vendor's latest server changes and consider its place in the server market as a whole.

Hardware Today — Whitebox Servers Rev Up

Whitebox systems are often less expensive than their branded counterparts and thus offer a way for organizations to harness more power for less money. But is going generic always the best route?

Hardware Today — Next-Gen Firewalls Reach High

Firewalls have come a long way since their humble beginnings nearly 20 years ago. We look at the latest trends and examine Fortinet and SonicWALL, two lesser-known players with unique products.

Hardware Today -- Scaling Mythical Realms With Dell

Mythic Entertainment is banking on Dell for victory in the online gaming space. The company is using combined clusters of hundreds of Dell machines to drive its flagship multiplayer online game, Dark Age of Camelot.

Hardware Today — Dell Server Snapshot

We once thought Dell might be too low-end for its own good as well as fuzzy on its blade strategy, but the company continues to add value to its entry-level servers while it sharpens its blade focus. However, we do wonder if it will ever give AMD a chance.

Hardware Today — Clustering Your Way to Supercomputing

As the climate for scaling out heats up, enterprise interest in clusters continues to grow, along with definitions and vendor claims. We look at clustering vs. grid vs. utility computing, and highlight offerings from IBM and SGI.

Hardware Today — Smooth Sailing With Sun Microsystems

Oregon's College of Oceanic Atmospheric Science first filled its data center with Sun systems 20 years ago. Today, the HPC infrastructure features Sun Fire E4900s, V250s, V440s, and V880s. We step inside the cabin to see where its fleet is headed.

Hardware Today — UPSes Heed the Call for Backup

An uninterruptible power supply is a must-have for organizations of all sizes. This week, Hardware Today discusses what to look for in a UPS and offers a jumpstart on comparison shopping with the spotlight turned on APC and MGE UPS Systems.

Hardware Today — Sun Microsystems Server Snapshot

Will 2004 be the decisive year for Sun? We look at what the vendor's been up to since we last profiled it to determine whether the future merits sun screen or a slicker.

Hardware Today — Midyear Server Report Card

With the first half of 2004 now a memory, Hardware Today revisits server market predictions made in December 2003. We look at the latest trends in processor and storage options, as well as what's going on with server blades and grid computing.

Hardware Today — Cutting Through the Infiniband Buzz

When the Infiniband Trade Association formed five years ago, the consortium set out to rock the networking world and get the combination spec and architecture lead billing over Fibre Channel and Ethernet. We look at where it is today.

Hardware Today — Putting Stock in HP Servers

We follow up last week's HP Server Snapshot with a look at Townsend Analytics, a long-standing ProLiant customer that is bullish on the vendor's Opteron upgrade path.

Hardware Today — HP Server Snapshot

In the past six months, HP has shifted its processor strategy, introduced a variety of new products, and is now weathering rumors of a split. Our latest Server Snapshot examines what the vendor's been up to and what's in the cards.

RLX Battles for Control With Automated Blades

RLX Technologies Monday offered a glimpse of the soon-to-be-released Control Tower 6G, the latest iteration of its server management suite. The new version automates the blades via three software modules.

Hardware Today — The Power Behind Your Server

We look at the processor market, zeroing in on the impact IBM's POWER5 chip is having on the 64-bit space and how Big Blue perceives its role.

Hardware Today — Beyond Basic Backup Needs

Data backup is a universal issue that enterprises of all sizes face. While tape is the standard solution, there is much variance in available standards and options. This week, Hardware Today breaks down the spectrum of backup options out there.

Hardware Today: Using Your POWER for Good

IBM's home-grown POWER chip is a key component of its four eServer lines. We look at Alpine Electronics and the University of Washington, two organizations using POWER-based servers to push their applications to new performance levels.

Hardware Today: IBM Server Snapshot

From its midrange iSeries servers to its zSeries mainframes, and from its POWER-based pSeries servers to its Intel-based xSeries products, IBM's eServer portfolio has both breadth and depth. We look at what's new in the four lines and see what's on the Big Blue road map.

Hardware Today: Mainframes Remain Main Event for Some

Mainframes may not be the next big thing or even front-page news these days, but they're still very much present. Hardware Today looks at three mainframe vendors and some of their recent deployments.

Hardware Today: Joining Applications to the Network

Application switches connect business-critical apps to the network, bolstering performance, security, and availability in the process. This week, we examine the technology and players in this relatively recent addition to the data center.

Hardware Today: Working Miracles With Xserve RAID

Price/performance is an obvious consideration for most outfits, but for the Children's Miracle Network, it is the driving force. Apple's Xserve RAID and Power Mac G5 tower provides a lithe technology backbone.

Hardware Today: Apple Server Snapshot

Apple branched out from its PC sweet spot two years ago when it launched its Xserve line. Today, its server offerings also consist of a RAID product, OS and clustering software, and a just-announced SAN solution. With this slowly growing stable, will Xserve mark the spot where Apple tempts the enterprise?

Hardware Today: Security, After the Breach

You've taken great care to back up your data and secure the server room. But is this always enough? We look at two products -- one to secure the rack and one to protect backup tapes -- designed for after an intruder has picked the lock.

Hardware Today: Choosing a RAID Controller

Shopping for a RAID controller? We map out this complex maze, outlining some of the differences in SATA vs. SCSI and iSCSI vs. Fibre channel.

Hardware Today: Driving Business With Gateway Servers

Gateway customers may be a varied lot, but Autobase stands out from the crowd. The vertical CRM solutions provider uses Gateway products internally to meet its operation and back-office needs. Externally, it takes on a VAR-like role, selling its software pre-installed on Gateway servers.

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