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IBM in EU Antitrust Probe Over Mainframes

Regulators to question IBM over allegations of misbehavior in the tiny market for high-powered workhorses.

IBM Launches Massive New Mainframe Systems

The mainframe supports a major upgrade that reflects a structural change at IBM.

Now With Server Virtualization Capabilities -- IBM Launches Open Beta for AIX 7

High-end Unix systems aren't usually given the beta treatment, but IBM is betting on a wide test for some new virtualization capabilities.

VMware Updates vSphere 4.1 for Massive Cloud Computing Scale

For a point release, vSphere 4.1 packs an awful lot of new features, functionality and improvements. And it's SMB friendly, to boot.

IBM's in Hot Water to Cool Servers

The latest idea in supercomputer cooling is to let the machines operate at something warmer than meat locker temperatures.

Oracle Announces New High-Performance Computing Sun Clusters

True to its promise, Oracle sticks to the high-end market with massive clustering x86 servers and a unified network fabric.

Tilera, Quanta Bank on Low-Power, High-Density Web Servers

The MIT-generated semiconductor startup finally has a partner and a position in the marketplace, one that sounds rather familiar.

HP Unveils More Power-Efficient Rack, Blade Servers

The computer giant takes the wraps off new rackmount and blade servers designed to require as little intervention and management as possible.

AMD's New Opteron 4100 Series Features Power Efficiency for x86 Servers

Coming in below AMD's high-end Magny-Cours design, the Opteron 4100 is aimed at x86 server customers concerned with power efficiency and long-term compatibility.

SeaMicro Launches an Atom-Powered Cloud Computing Server

Startup SeaMicro says Intel's Atom processor, widely used in netbook computers, has more than enough juice to power Web servers serving up HTML pages.

Is Oracle Ready to Dump AMD From Sun's x86 Server Lineup?

Sun traditionally offered both AMD and Intel processors in its x86 server lineup. Now, it's looking like AMD's Opteron won't make the cut under Oracle's ownership.

Dell Introduces New Storage, Server Virtualization Products

In keeping with its mantra of simplifying IT, the firm offers up new storage and server virtualization products with rapid deployment and provisioning at the heart of their design.

HP's Bright Blade Server Future Includes 3Com Cameo

HP has become the market leader in bladed computers and plans to continue to push hard as virtualization takes off. It also has plans for 3Com in all of this.

China, Nvidia Build World's Fastest Supercomputer

After years of talking up GPUs in high performance computing, Nvidia has some petaflops to finally back it up.

IT Buying More x86 Servers, Paying Less: IDC

Sales of x86 servers are taking off like a shot, RISC is shriveling up, and prices are still dropping as IT buyers snap up less-expensive servers.

Worldwide Server Hardware Shipments Up 23 Percent: Gartner

After a year of free-falling, server hardware sales are finally starting to rebound. While the numbers are good now, the industry is coming off a drop in sales in previous quarters. Which parts of the server industry are headed in the right direction?

ScaleMP Steps Up Server Virtualization Aggregation Software

The company started out with a server virtualization aggregation tool that makes many boxes look like one. Now, it's enhancing its formula and splitting that image into a second virtual machine.

IBM Adds Nvidia GPUs to High-Performance Servers

GPU processors will be used as high-performance calculation engines in number-crunching tasks. Have GPUs finally arrived in HPC?

Oracle Launches Telco-Oriented, Carrier-Grade Blade Server

Upgrade to the Netra line of blade servers for telcos makes them more suitable for mission-critical functions.

HP Adds New Itanium to Integrity Server Line

But the processor is only the beginning of the story, says HP, as it overhauls its high-end servers across the board.

Hitachi Enters Unified Computing Stack Market With New Blade Server

It doesn't quite have all the pieces like Sun and Cisco do, but the Japanese systems giant is offering its own all-in-one blade server solution with a potent ally: Microsoft.

IBM Expands Power 7 Line to Entry-Level and Mid-Range Blade Servers

New processors allow for expandability and improved power efficiency compared to the previous generation.

x86 Server Processors Help Deliver Solid Earnings for Intel

The chip giant might do a little better than expected thanks to its new x86 server processors, but there will be no big surprises. After 2009, that's a good thing.

Server Market Changes Lead to End of Itanium Development at Microsoft

The arrival of Intel's Nehalem-EX has pretty much signaled the end of Microsoft's support. The high-end x86 server market is changing, with many servers now sporting features previously available only in Itanium.

Dell Expands Cloud Computing and Services Strategy

New servers designed for cloud computing environments and an expanding focus on services show Dell is following the same model as IBM and HP.

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