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Editor's Note: A Time for Change at ServerWatch

ServerWatch Senior Managing Editor Amy Newman looks back on her 13 years of steering the site through industry and publishing changes, and welcomes a new editor on board.

Why Supercomputing Matters

What happens in high-performance computing eventually finds its way into mainstream computing. Keeping up with the latest innovations goes a long way toward managing a data center that meets your business' needs.

VMware Brings Virtual Operations to vCenter

The virtualization vendor introduces vCenter Operations, making it possible to manage your entire data center stack -- virtual servers, physical servers, storage, networking components and more -- from a single interface.

VMware Widens Road to the Hybrid Cloud

VMware added a lane in its highway to the cloud with three new cloud provider partners and vCloud Connector, which bridges the private cloud to the public cloud.

DataCore Looks to Soothe Midmarket Storage Virtualization Pain Points

The latest version of DataCore's SANsymphony looks to mitigate virtualization's impact on storage and simplify its management. Can it deliver?

Dell, HP Roll Out Virtual Solutions

Dell and HP announced new software offerings designed to make managing virtual environments easier. Is the future for server manufacturers virtual?

Virtualization Technology Moves Forward As New Year Begins

With VMware's stock soaring to new heights, the future continues to look bright for virtualization. It's 2011 and virtualization no longer means just servers -- a recent CDW report finds desktop virtualization deployments on the rise.

Will VMware Bring Virtualization Technology to Your iPhone?

A recent deal between VMware and LG brings virtualization technology to the mobile device world. Could the iPhone be next?

Paul Maritz Named Visionary CEO by InternetNews.com

InternetNews.com chose VMware CEO Paul Maritz to receive a 2010 CEO Vision Award. The leader of the virtualization king pin was selected for his leadership in continuing to push the technology's value proposition forward.

Virtualization Deemed 'Disruptive' to HPC

Is virtualization really all that new to HPC?

ScaleMP Takes vSMP Up a Notch

Virtualization isn't just about slicing and dicing. Sometimes it's about bringing systems together, as ScaleMP demonstrates with its latest release of vSMP Foundation.

Virtualization Looms Large for Windows Server 2008, Fedora Updates

Virtualization and cloud were key components of two recent OS releases: Fedora Linux 14 and Windows Server 2008 SP1. Suddenly, the OS isn't such a dinosaur after all.

NEC Adds Hyper-V Fault Tolerance

NEC's FT Express5800 can now run Hyper-V, providing a new fault-tolerant virtualization environment for Windows shops. Can virtualized mission-critical apps be far behind?

Did Cloud Computing Jump the Shark?

Gartner sees cloud computing on its way to the Trough of Disillusionment, while IDC says cloud computing is the fastest growing IT segment.

Simpana Aims to Simplify Storage Virtualization

With version 9 of its flagship product, Simpana, CommVault is taking a 'modern approach' to data management -- and the way it manages virtual machines is key.

After the Server Virtualization Tipping Point

Six months ago, IDC said new virtual servers will exceed physical server purchases in 2010. This week, Gartner said only 25 percent of all server workloads will be in a virtual machines this year. Can both be correct? Dell hopes so.

VMware, Novell to Dance Server Virtualization Tango

VMware may be in talks with Novell to purchase its SUSE Linux division. What could the server virtualization vendor want with an OS?

8 Conversations From the VMworld Show Floor

From cloud computing virtual to I/O and more, here are highlights of eight ServerWatch conversations had with vendors at VMworld.

Xsigo Takes a Punch at Cisco With New Virtual I/O Offering

Xsigo took up the fight for networking to the cloud with an Ethernet version of I/O Director.

VMworld Keynote: Up to the Minute

The VMworld keynote, minute by minute

Virtual Acquisitions Coincide With VMworld

As VMworld kicks off, it is clear that a consolidation of virtual players is under way.

VMware Takes VMworld to the Cloud

VMware's big show is on the way, with cloud computing front and center.

VMware Takes Zimbra to the Cloud

Six-months post-acquisition, VMware has absorbed Zimbra from both organizational and developmental perspectives. This week's product release reveals much about its future positioning in the VMware ecosystem.

The Rise of Virtual Server Management Vendors

As VMworld draws closer, ISVs selling virtual server management tools are showcasing their goods.

Virtualization Technologies Lure Governments

The cost savings and ease of management that draws enterprises to virtualization technologies is also proving attractive to government entities of all stripes.

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