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RSA Report Details Potential Virtualization Risks

For a virtual infrastructure to be a success it must be secure. A just-released report from RSA noted that despite the complex security and compliance risks enterprises face when they adopt virtualization, companies that succeed will reap a 'security bonus.'

CA and Others Unveil Latest Virtualization Wares

CA took advantage of the VMworld spotlight to unveil several virtualization management systems for private cloud and data center deployments, and it was hardly alone. Various storage and networking vendors also weighed in with their news.

VMworld Opens With Much Virtual Fan Fare

It's off to the races for VMworld 2009, as VMware and its ecosystem partners focus on all things virtual.

Virtualization Tales From the Front Lines

Virtually Speaking: User enterprises weigh in how virtualization has benefited and not benefited their organization, as well as where they see cloud computing in their infrastructure.

Cloud Computing Buzz Reaches New Decibels

As social media and SOA approach mainstream adoption in the enterprise, the hype around cloud computing is reaching a fever pitch.

Open Standards Head for the Clouds

The consensus is that open standards are good, but there is no unity when it comes to paths to reach the goal.

Intel Exec Discusses Virtualization Security

Enterprises should consider the security implications that come with adopting virtualization before deploying.

Citrix Offers Free Hyper-V Storage Management

The free version of Citrix's application is designed to simplify storage management in Microsoft-based virtual environments.

Oracle Unveils Fusion Middleware 11g

7,350 person-years of engineering nets "significant new capabilities."

Next-Generation Web Experience on Its Way

It may be impossible to predict what innovation will bring, but it is possible to predict some of the attributes of the future.

Cloud to Transform Data Center Roles

In the future, the job of the system administrator may be to monitor software and services, leaving the hardware for others to worry about.

Cloud, Virtualization Finding Way Into IT Niches

Specialist software firms are nimble enough to find the small, potentially lucrative areas in the enterprise software market that the big players can't quite get to.

Mac OS Seeing More Malware

Although Macs continue to face far fewer security problems than Windows, the trend line is going in the wrong direction.

Connecting Clouds to Enterprise Servers

In this extremely competitive market, cloud middleware connects the old software companies require to the SaaS and cloud services they've just added.

vSphere 4.0 Hits the Streets

VMware began shooting for the clouds with the release its new flagship product Thursday.

Oracle to Roll Virtual Iron Into Oracle VM

Oracle's announced acquisition of Virtual Iron is designed to enhance Oracle VM in the long term. For now, though, it showcases the gaps in the current feature set.

Top 10 Compliance Issues for IT

As IT environments grow ever more complex, properly monitoring them grows ever more challenging.

HP, Microsoft Partner Up to Deliver Virtualization Solution

HP's adaptive infrastructure suite of software and hardware will be connected to Microsoft's back office software, enabling both to be managed from a single console.

VMware Outlines Ambitious Product Road Map

CEO Paul Maritz explains how vSphere 4.0 will keep the company the virtualization leader.

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