Optimizing Power Performance in Virtualized Cloud Server Pools

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 22, 2010

In tests performed at the Intel lab, the 2-socket white box Urbanna server provisioned with Intel Xeon 5500 Series processors, 6 DIMMs and one hard drive have a power consumption of about 50 percent of the power consumption at full load, about 150 watts out of 300, this is when the effect of EIST. If the server is working under full load, the 300 watts consumed at full power can be reduced by about 30 percent down to 210 watts or so.

"Two approaches are commonly applied to reduce lighting power consumption in residential or commercial buildings: turning lights off and using dimming mechanisms.Turning lights off yields the greatest power savings, assuming the room is not to be used. There is still a small amount of residual power being drawn to power pilot lights or motion sensors to turn on the illumination if someone enters the room." The capability for dimming lights in a server is embodied by the Intel Enhanced SpeedStep technology or EIST and Intel Intelligent Power Node Manager technology or Node Manager.

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