IBM Power7 success depends on migration maturity

By ServerWatch Staff (Send Email)
Posted Mar 18, 2010

The success of IBM’s Power7 systems depends on Tivoli and Rational software. Why? Because moving enterprise software and data are a complex projects and to do them well you need to tap into operational and development capabilities and information — and for IBM customers and prospects that means Tivoli and Rational.

At the Power7 analyst deep dive, IBM spent a lot of time discussing the TCO benefits of running enterprise application and database workloads on Power7. All those performance improvement and hard dollar benefit charts reminded me of the Q409 earnings debrief on IBM from Bernstein Research, where Toni Sacconaghi noted, “One risk we highlight for investors to monitor in the first half of the year is IBM’s ability to successfully manage its mainframe and Unix product transitions.” IBM's latest Power7 processor comes in for comment in this posting.

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