System z: Integrated Services Management Platform

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Posted Mar 4, 2010

The automation and integration designed into IBM Tivoli products for System z permits extensive sharing, access, and control of data. The result is improved operational productivity and faster problem resolution. ISystem z with NetView for z/OS can automatically initiate actions necessary to assure reliable service availability, such as automated failover of failed to functioning application resources, e.g. detection and restart of a failed router. They automatically and dynamically discover and track changes in resources of both the network and systems. The resulting data is available to construct TBSM service level views. They allow for complex resource sharing Sysplex from a single control point. Built-in support of industry security standards assures better and more effective system security

"The critical convergence and integration of business and computer operations continues to be an evolving reality today for enterprises of all shapes and sizes. The need to manage the growing interdependency between business services and reliably operating, networked infrastructure is just as real. Unfortunately, it is all too often a neglected aspect in the planning and implementation of services. Neglected, that is, until a mis-managed update to a routing table brings a critical service to a screeching halt at the most inopportune time. The demand is growing for an integrated management platform that seamlessly functions across a heterogeneous mix of network and processors that include mainframe, as well as distributed systems. This paper describes the benefits that users can and are realizing from the use of a mainframe-based management platform in a heterogeneous world." System z combined with NetView for z/OS provides a solid platform on which to build an integrated Services management solution.

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