VMworld Keynote: Up to the Minute

By Amy Newman (Send Email)
Posted Aug 31, 2010

10:41 Keynote concludes

The VMworld keynote, minute by minute

10:35 Another Acquisition

Tricipher -- to facilitate single-on.

Back to Project Horizon.
iPad app integration as well as other devices

10:31 User-Centric IT

Announcing and demoing Project Horizon

Browser-based apps. configuring on the server side, more scootering to the desktop "cube"
From end-user perspective, looks the same
single-sign on capabilities

10:28 VMware View 4.5 announced

Shipping shortly.
Built on vShere 4.1

Acquisition costs lowered to make it less expensive than buying a new PC

10:24 Announcement of vFabric

Details already on ServerWatch

10:16 vCloud demo

Scootering from one computer to the other
VPN tunneling allows for same

10:15 vCloud Data Center Service = Secure hybrid cloud computing

Five partners already certified

10:11 Defense in Depth in the private cloud

vShield Endpoint
vShield Edge

secure tunnel to the cloud needed

10:10 Project Redwood "vCloud Director"

Herrod: Thank you, marketing! [focreativity on name]

10:07 AppStore for Enterprise Apps

Otherwise known as a service catalog
Can paying only for what you use, a la iTunes, work in a biz environment?

10:02 Back to vSphere and Economics

and merging personal computing life with corporate computing life

10:00 vCenter

Managing it all. what

Acquisition of Contergrium announced
Company offers infrastructure and analytics management

9:55 Improving VMotion was key part of vSphere 4.1

policy-driven SLAs
much more scalable

9:51: vSphere -- the Virtual Giant
vSphere 4.1, introduced

9:50 Maritz hands introduces CTO Steve Herrod
Thus ending the 'practice" and going to theory

9: 48 Third layer of innovation
IT can't keep pace with actual devices, but must find a way to allow users to use them in a secure manner
existing apps, new enterprise apps and Saas Apps is the new stack for IT

9:40 ultimately, infrastructure is a means to an end

developers to new environments programmers "voted with feet" and using spring, ruby on rails.
increasingly, role of managing new infrastructure, is going to these new languages

Consumer clouds also taking hold

existing apps, new enterprise apps and Saas Apps -- IT will need to resolve
IT will also need to deal with nontraditional, non-Windows devices that are finding way into enterprise.
IT will need to ensure the heterogeneity is secure

9:33 Security

Must look to logical as well as physical boundaries another challenge: private cloud leads to virtual data center ability to purchase secure hybrid cloud a reality most businesses will consume the resources in a hybrid cloud "this will happen with or without VMware. This is the way he tide is going"

9:26 CEO Paul Maritz introduced

2009, the number of apps deployed on virt systems exceeded those in physical environment 10 million VMs expected to be deployed in 2010 28 percent year over year increase 9:30 "switching from practice to theory and what it means" Virtualization layer is the new infrastructure must focus not on hardware efficiency, but on operational efficiency. Must make it cheaper to operate the infrastructure

9:23 Customer testimonials

IT as a service = Optimizing IT production for business consumption Explains that rest of keynote will explain how to get there

9:20 vitual roads, real clouds

first phase saves money initially admits most attendees are at this phase phase two results in apps running better average VMware customer is in phase two phase three incredible flexibility, IT agility to biz agility shifts from cost to driving biz value
And this is IT as a service
Need open standards for this to occur OVF and VAPI among them

9:10 CMO, Nick Jackson takes the stage

Discusses attendance numbers every year the show has grown.
Last year 12,500 last year
17,021 attendees as of last night
Highlights 55 attendees who had been to all seven VMworlds
last year, a private cloud powered show. This year, a hybrid cloud. Part in NY part in Calif.
managing 4,000 clouds a day 100,000 clouds by end of show outlining what the remainder of the show holds

9:00 Humorous video making light of the cloud.

Building a data center much like ordering a pizza.

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