VMware Takes VMworld to the Cloud

By Amy Newman (Send Email)
Posted Aug 25, 2010

At the time of this writing, I'm preparing for both vacation and VMworld. While I can make fairly accurate predictions as to what I'll be doing next week (some time at the beach, visits with friends and a fair amount of back-to-school errand running) taking a stab at what will be front and center at VMware's annual trade show, VMworld, is a bit more, err, cloudy.

VMware's big show is on the way, with cloud computing front and center.

It's safe to say cloud computing will be big. Multiple tracks have been devoted to it, focusing on "Hybrid and Public Cloud," "Business Continuity," "Private Cloud – Management" and "Private Cloud Security." Cloud computing has even found a prominent place within the keynote.

While VMworld has earned a reputation of being THE virtualization and (now) cloud computing show, it is first and foremost VMware's expo, as it made clear last year. Typically, VMworld is VMware's chance to showcase its plans for the coming year and beyond. With an update to vSphere, its current flagship offering, announced in mid-July, it's unclear whether it will be announcing new product.

At the time, Bogomil Balkansky, vice president of marketing said that VMware was "positioning the software to be the basis for a cloud infrastructure strategy."

The General Session on Tuesday, titled, "VMware and Cloud Computing - The Evolutionary Path to a Revolutionary Approach to IT," follows in this vein. According to the schedule, "Paul Maritz and Steve Herrod will present VMwares vision for IT as a Service, and demonstrate new virtualization and cloud computing technologies enabling modern infrastructures, application platforms and end user computing."

It will be interesting to see how much of a strategy shift or refocusing this truly is.

Beyond VMware, what will be front and center? Lots of "significant" news, if vendors are to be believed. Xsigo went so far as to issue an invitation to the launch of "a significant new virtual I/O technology that accelerates the advancement of data center convergence –- a key enabler of cloud computing."

Other vendors have been less forthcoming, but it doesn't mean they won't have major news of their own. In recent years, VMworld has evolved into the cornerstone for virtualization and cloud, and judging from who will be there, and who has requested a meeting with ServerWatch, this year is no exception. Interestingly, Citrix and Microsoft have been fairly quiet -- to date.

Look for extensive VMworld coverage on ServerWatch both during and after the show. We will have coverage from multiple perspectives, including InternetNews and live blogging from the General Session.

Amy Newman is the senior managing editor of ServerWatch and Enterprise IT Planet. She has been covering virtualization since 2001, and is the coauthor of Practical Virtualization Solutions, published by Pearson in October 2009.

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