VMware, ManageEngine Join Forces to Drive Virtual Server Management

By Amy Newman (Send Email)
Posted Jul 7, 2010

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ManageEngine adds VMware APIs and a host of other functionality to its latest release of OpManager. Will this virtual server tool take the monitoring market by storm?

VMware seems to be all about sealing up partnerships these days. Last week, NEC was its vendor of choice. This week, it gave the nod to ManageEngine.

The most recent version of ManageEngine's flagship product, OpManager, features myriad enhancements for managing virtual machines. Chief among them: 70 performance monitors for VMware Infrastructure. Sreelesh Pillai from product marketing at ManageEngine's parent company, ZoHo Corp, explained that "OpManager was the first product to come from the ManageEngine stable meant to manage virtual environments."

While this is the intent behind its design, version 8.7 ups the ante considerably. Like NEC, ManageEngine opted for native compatibility between VMware and OpManager. It will now use VMware application programming interfaces (APIs) natively to discover, map, monitor and report on VMware host servers and guests. Pillai noted that the ability to monitor VMware virtual machines is not new, however, previous versions relied on SNMP rather than the API. Using the API allows for greater customization and ease of use.

OpManager 8.7 supports ESX 3.5, ESX3.5i, ESX4 and ESX4i. It also supports VMotion-based movement of virtual instances between physical servers, automatically mapping the moved VMs to corresponding hosts. It does so without agents or configuration requirements.

OpManager is first and foremost a monitoring tool, however, and no doubt it plans to leverage the new reporting functionality: Out-of-the-box reports and monitoring for more than 70 VMware performance monitors such as, CPU Wait/ Ready, Memory Balloon/ Shared/ Swapped/ Overhead, Disk Read Speed/ Write Speed/ Read requests/ Write requests/ Bus Resets and Network Usage parameters. In addition, the user interface has been given a total makeover in terms of design, presentation and accessibility.

VMware integration isn't the only feature bump, however. Other new functionality is automatic Layer 2 mapping, 12 more wdgets, 10 new device templates, SSL support for an external mail server, and hot-fix integrations.

OpManager currently claims 8,500 customers, PR Exec Ashish Kuriakose told ServerWatch. ManageEngine, the "bread and butter of the company," and of which OpManager is a feature set, currently has 40,000. Kuriakose described ManageEngine as having, "90 percent of the features the Big 4 [HP, CA, IBM and BMC] offer, at 10 percent of the price."

Considering the typical ManageEngine is 5,000 to 10,000 end users, and that segment is poised for significant virtual growth, ManageEngine is looking well positioned to take on its larger competitors. And VMware is riding shotgun.

Amy Newman is the senior managing editor of ServerWatch and Enterprise IT Planet. She has been covering virtualization since 2001, and is the coauthor of Practical Virtualization Solutions, published by Pearson in October 2009.

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