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Xsigo Takes a Punch at Cisco With New Virtual I/O Offering
Xsigo took up the fight for networking to the cloud with an Ethernet version of I/O Director.

VMware CEO Says SaaS Could Leave IT 'Holding the Bag'
In his VMworld keynote, CEO Paul Maritz warned that IT needs new tools to deal with the growing wave of cloud-based applications and consumer devices enterprise users are adopting. The solution? IT as a Service.

VMworld Keynote: Up to the Minute
The VMworld keynote, minute by minute

VMware Weaves vFabric as Its Cloud Computing Application Platform
At VMworld, the virtualization giant delivers its vision of the cloud as an IT service for applications, leveraging its SpringSource technologies.

Virtual Acquisitions Coincide With VMworld
As VMworld kicks off, it is clear that a consolidation of virtual players is under way.

VMware Takes VMworld to the Cloud
VMware's big show is on the way, with cloud computing front and center.

Xsigo Promises Bold Data Center Management Advance
With backers that include Dell and Salesforce, Xsigo will announce what it says will be a virtual I/O breakthrough for the data center.

Microsoft Bows Self-Service Virtual Machine Tool
New release of Microsoft's self-service portal aims to improve data center administrators' ability to quickly provision virtual machines for internal customers.

CA Expands Cloud Computing Services With 4Base Buy
The virtualization and cloud computing infrastructure consulting firm will enhance CA's services division.

VMware Takes Zimbra to the Cloud
Six-months post-acquisition, VMware has absorbed Zimbra from both organizational and developmental perspectives. This week's product release reveals much about its future positioning in the VMware ecosystem.

VMware Expands Hyperic Management in 4.4 Release
New systems management release offers improved virtualization integration for enterprise users.

The Rise of Virtual Server Management Vendors
As VMworld draws closer, ISVs selling virtual server management tools are showcasing their goods.

3 Ways to Secure Your Virtualized Data Center
Server virtualization may have caught on far and wide, but the technology for securing virtual environments lags. Regaining visibility at the access layer is critical to keeping your data safe. Here are three ways to accomplish this.

Virtualization Technologies Lure Governments
The cost savings and ease of management that draws enterprises to virtualization technologies is also proving attractive to government entities of all stripes.

Server Virtualization Myths -- 10 to Debunk
Myths about technology are often difficult to burst, and few are more trying than those concerning server virtualization.

OpSource's Private Cloud Bridge
OpSource's latest offering may provide a bridge to the cloud for both skittish and resource-constrained enterprises and hosting providers that recognize the importance of cloud computing, but aren't sure how to get there.

CA Debuts 5 Virtualization Management Apps
Five new virtualization applications are designed to simplify life for IT managers and ease the complexity of moving virtual data loads throughout the organization.

VMware, Cloudy With a (Strong) Chance of Server Virtualization
VMware's Tuesday release of VSphere 4.1 is more than a typical point release, and it's about more than server virtualization.

VMware Updates vSphere 4.1 for Massive Cloud Computing Scale
For a point release, vSphere 4.1 packs an awful lot of new features, functionality and improvements. And it's SMB friendly, to boot.

KVM Adoption Isn't All About Commercial Support
The Planet rolls out a new cloud hosting service based on Linux KVM virtualization, but neither Red Hat nor Ubuntu are making any money from it -– yet.

VMware, ManageEngine Join Forces to Drive Virtual Server Management
ManageEngine adds VMware APIs and a host of other functionality to its latest release of OpManager. Will this virtual server tool take the monitoring market by storm?

Virtual Server Strategy Goes Native for NEC
NEC partners with VMware to bring virtualization to its FT line. Is this the start of mission-critical apps running on virtual servers becoming commonplace?

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