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For years now, HP has taken up residence in the top or runner up spot in analyst quarterly server reports. When only x86 servers are counted, however, IDC places HP in the lead with a third or more of total revenue for the segment. In the blade server market, HP accounts for about half of all blades sold worldwide.

The bulk of these servers fall under the HP ProLiant line. From there, they can be divided further into several categories.

The ProLiant ML server line is the entry-level family, which is aimed mainly at SMBs. HP ProLiant ML100 Servers, for example, are the simplest and most affordable on offer. These 1- to 2-processor models are best for small business in networking, file and print, and shared Internet access.

ProLiant DL servers offer more computing power and a more robust platform. HP ProLiant DL300 Servers, for example, are best for email, networking, virtualization and messaging. These rackmount servers constitute a large percentage of HP's server sales.

The ProLiant SL line is called the HP Scalable Server Line. Purpose built for Hyperscale environments, they can be rapidly deployed, are agile and have low operational costs. The HP ProLiant SL6500 Scalable System is one example.

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