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Although HP ProLiant accounts for the bulk of HP server sales and can accommodate many workloads, HP Integrity servers are aimed squarely at the enterprise. HP's Itanium-powered Integrity line includes all of the OEM's high-end server offerings.

Integrity Server Blades feature up to eight Intel Itanium 9300 Series processors and up to 2 TB of memory. They are used for demanding workloads.

Integrity rackmount servers include such models as the entry-level HP Integrity rx2800 i2 Server. It has one to two quad-core Itanium processors, 384GB of memory and 7.2 TB of storage capacity. In the midrange rackmount category, an example is the HP Integrity rx8640 Server. It combines up to 16 Itanium processors in one box to handle the demands of consolidation, enterprise resource planning and database housing.

Moving up the line, Integrity also encompasses HP's high-end offerings with the HP Superdome and HP NonStop servers, which are used for the most demanding applications.

HP Superdome is HP's flagship high-end Integrity server. It has a reputation for powering some of the world's most demanding, mission-critical environments. It is aimed at enterprise-class users who require high availability, rich virtualization capabilities and long-term investment protection. This is made possible through fault-tolerant crossbar fabric and Superdome 2 Analysis Engine.

HP Integrity NonStop systems, on the other hand, are particularly suited to provide 24/7/365 application availability for complex enterprise applications. These systems are used by financial institutions, mobile operators, global manufacturing companies, hospitals and other public sector organizations for their most critical business processes. These highly robust servers are said to offer better-than-mainframe class of service. They can support workloads requiring 100 percent application availability and scale to handle billions of transactions, across hundreds of terabytes of data. They are also fully integrated with HP's Converged Infrastructure architecture.

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