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Docker Goes Native for Windows and Mac

Docker Inc. moves away from relying on VirtualBox to take an operating system approach for containers, embracing Apple Xhyve and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Tags: Linux, Windows, Mac, Hyper-V, virtualbox, Docker Containers, Unikernel Systems, Xhyve

Oracle Improves VirtualBox 4.1

New virtualization release includes cloning and tunneling features, as Oracle pushes open source technology forward.
Tags: Oracle, open source software, server virtualization, VDI, virtualbox

Latest Sun Ray Shines Light on a Virtual Oracle

Virtually Speaking: Following on its recent release of VirtualBox, Oracle is now refreshing the Sun Ray client and the Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.
Tags: Oracle, virtualization technologies, desktop virtualization, virtualbox

From Obsolete Servers to Private Cloud in 3 Easy Steps

Frustrated with outdated equipment? Learn how to turn your old servers into a private cloud using open source tools.
Tags: cloud computing, CentOS, private cloud, server hardware, virtualbox

Setting Up Tunneling With a VirtualBox Guest Machine

Tip of the Trade: VirtualBox makes it easy to set up and run virtual machines on your own desktop. It is not perfect, however, and by default, the guest VM is invisible to the host or any other machines on the network. Here's an easy way to relay instructions to it.
Tags: server virtualization, virtual machine, OS, virtualbox

Into the VirtualBox -- Oracle Buys Sun

Virtually Speaking: With Oracle's acquisition of Sun complete, will it be lights out for VirtualBox and other Sun virtualization technology?
Tags: Oracle, virtualization, Sun Microsystems, Solaris, virtualbox

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