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Dell Taps Unidesk for VDI Management

Dell aims to ease virtual desktop management by offering its integrated enterprise VDI packages with Unidesk's layering tech.

Tags: virtualization, Dell, virtual desktop, VDI, virtual desktop infrastructure, Unidesk

Virtual Desktop vs. PC OS Standoff Looms

Often, what spells opportunity for aspiring startups is viewed as a threat by entrenched market leaders. In the case of virtual desktops hosted on the public cloud, Microsoft has a lot to lose. And one company stands ready to change the game further.

Tags: Microsoft, Windows 7, virtual desktop, VDI

5 VDI Alternatives You Can Implement Now

Are you looking to save money on desktop support but not ready to bankroll a VDI solution? These 5 alternatives will save you money and provide the centralized management that you need.

Tags: virtual desktop, desktop virtualization, VDI

VMware Expands Its View and Horizon

VMware positions itself for the post-PC era with new virtual desktop and gateway technologies for hybrid clouds.

Tags: Android, virtualization, virtual desktop, virtualization technology, VMware, VDI, LG, VMworld

Desktop Virtualization for Remote Workers

VDI provides valuable benefits to mobile employees.
Tags: virtualization technologies, virtual desktop, desktop virtualization, VDI, virtual desktop infrastructure

Oracle Updates Virtualization Technologies

The Sun Ray 3 Plus client can significantly reduce power consumption.
Tags: Oracle, virtualization technologies, data center, virtual desktop, VDI

2X Software Releases Virtual Desktop and Server Upgrade

The new 8.1 desktop and server features include new listing policies and client-side logging.
Tags: virtualization technologies, virtual server, virtual desktop, application server

Citrix, McAfee Make Virtual Desktop Security Simpler

The companies have announced a partnership to make virtual desktop security simpler for large enterprise deployments.
Tags: security, Citrix, virtual desktop, McAfee

Pano Logic to Virtualizes the Desktop with no Moving Parts

The little 'paperweight' box, when running on the data center server, can optimize the use of network bandwidth.
Tags: virtualization, blade, virtual desktop, Pano

Citrix Looks Beyond VDI

Virtually Speaking: Within two years, 60 percent of all desktops will be virtualized, according to Gartner. Citrix has six avenues to make this possible.
Tags: virtualization, Citrix, virtual desktop, Xen, Gartner

Desktop Choices: Mac, Linux, Windows, Browser -- Browser?

Cover Your Assets: You have a fourth choice for your desktop operating system, but it seems to be a well-kept secret.
Tags: mobile, browser, virtual desktop, OS, VDI

DOS: A Virtual Legacy

Cover Your Assets: Are DOS applications still driving you crazy? A DOS virtual machine may be the solution.
Tags: virtualization, virtual desktop, virtual machine, DOS, backup

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