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Microsoft and Citrix Embrace Heterogenity, VMware Hunkers Down

While Microsoft and others involved in server virtualization are making alliances and supporting each others' products to prepare for a multi-hypervisor world and an increase in interest in cloud computing, VMware remains unconcerned with the competition. Is it in denial?
Tags: operating system, virtual, server virtualization, partner, integrated

EMC VNX Disk Array Buyer's Guide

VNX marks the end of an era at EMC. It consolidates two longstanding product lines, CLARiiON and Celerra, into one line, unifying SAN and NAS and enabling unstructured data growth in traditional, virtual and cloud environments to be more easily and efficiently managed.
Tags: EMC, SAN, virtual, NAS, buyer's guide

VM6 Makes Hyper-V Virtualization Easier

The company's new tools can help make companies make the transition to a virtualized infrastructure much easier.
Tags: virtualization, virtual, Hyper-V

Open-Source Server Virtual Monitoring Solution

Mikoomi has announced an enterprise monitoring agent for IBM's WebSphere Application Server.
Tags: virtual, open-source, Open-source Server, tool

The Push for Open-source Clouds

Several companies have joined to form the Free Cloud Alliance which will push open source products.
Tags: Cloud, virtual, storage cloud, open-source

Secure Server Virtualization Using Hyper-V

Authorization Manger makes secure server virtualization more than a pipe dream. These best practices show you the two best ways to secure Hyper-V Server and virtual machines using Authorization Manager.
Tags: security, Microsoft, virtual, server virtualization, Hyper-V

Fujitsu to Produce Zero Client Desktop Virtualization Monitor

Fujitsu has teamed up with Pano Logic on the 'zero client' approach to desktop virtualization.
Tags: virtual, desktop virtualization, Pano, zero client

Configuring Hyper-V Security Using Authorization Manager

When deploying virtualization technologies, key choices must be made to ensure the environment is secure. This article explains how to use Authorization Manager to make Hyper-V as secure as it can be.
Tags: security, operating system, Windows Server 2008, virtual, Hyper-V

IBM Releases Virtual Server Security App

New software from Big Blue promises better security, visibility and scalability for virtual data centers.
Tags: IBM, virtual, vSphere 4, vSphere

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