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VCE Launches New Converged Server Platforms

Joint venture for VMware, Cisco and EMC continues to grow and bear fruit.

Tags: networking, EMC, Cisco, servers, VMware, vCenter, VCE, converged systems

VMware Showcases Cloud Management Solutions at VMworld

The software virtualization company unveils a new cloud management offering and several updated products at its VMworld 2013 event in Barcelona.

Tags: virtualization, cloud management, VMware, VMworld, vSphere, vCenter, virtually speaking

Managing Stubborn VMware VMs from the Command Line

Working in vCenter is great until the unthinkable happens -- you have a "stuck" VM. You can't do anything with it except use some command-line magic.

Tags: virtualization, VMware, tutorial, Virtualization Management, vCenter, server tutorial

HotLink's Latest VMware SuperVISOR

HotLink recently refreshed SuperVISOR, its VMware hypervisor management system, with an eye on making it easier to administer heterogeneous hypervisor environments from vCenter.

Tags: server virtualization, VMware, Virtualization Management, vCenter, hypervisor management

HotLink Channels Holistic Virtual Management With 'Platform Transformation'

Thanks to an abstraction trick, this young startup is enabling enterprises to manage multiple virtualization platforms from a single console.

Tags: server virtualization, VMware, Virtualization Management, vCenter

VMware Takes Steps to Conquer Nascent Hybrid Cloud Market

VMware rules in the virtual data center and private cloud, but it's second runner up in the public cloud. With hybrid clouds  on their way to being the future of computing and a consistent infrastructure between enterprises and service providers critical to their success, is it any surprise VMware is taking steps to protect its virtual kingdom?

Tags: Microsoft, private cloud, server virtualization, VMware, Xen, public cloud, hybrid cloud, vCenter

VMTurbo Seeks to Put Virtualization on the Fast Track

VMTurbo, a workload management system for virtualized environments, seeks to simplify and streamline. It's first stop -- hooking into VMware vCenter.

Tags: cloud computing, server virtualization, VMware, vCenter

Predicting 2012 Server Virtualization Mega-trends

Predicting the future of a hot technology is never easy, but one CTO weighs in on what he anticipates will go on in the server virtualization market next year.

Tags: cloud computing, server virtualization, hypervisor, VMware, vCenter

VMware, HP refresh Cloud Computing Offerings

VMware updates vCenter Operations Manager, and introduces new vFabric Application Management and IT Business Management suites, while HP introduced HP Technology Consulting Services to help customers blaze a path to the cloud.

Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, HP, server virtualization, VMware, vFabric, vCenter

Puppet Enterprise 2.0 Expands Configuration Management

Configuration management tool gets new reporting user interface and  faster synchronization.

Tags: open source, virtualization, EC2, vCenter, Puppet Labs

Server Virtualization Buyer's Guide -- VMware

VMware reigns as leader of the server virtualization market, offering a product range spans from simple server consolidation for SMBs to data center automation and fully fledged cloud computing environments for enterprises and service providers.

Tags: virtualization technology, server virtualization, hypervisor, VMware, buyer's guide, vSphere, esxi, vCenter, vcloud, VMware ESX Server

Testers Say StorageVIEW Outshines VMware Reporting

Virtualization admins claim StorageVIEW is easier than VMware's vCenter and VKernel's licensed Capacity Analyzer tool.
Tags: virtualization, VMware, StorageVIEW, vCenter

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