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Kill Processes Quickly With Slay

Most admins know kill and pkill. But those looking for a quick, clean kill use slay.

Tags: Linux, Ubuntu, open source tool, utility, tip of the trade

Rename and Copy Files Easily in Your Text Editor

Renameutils is aptly named. The easy-to-use collection of utilities makes renaming files as easy as using your favorite text editor.
Tags: open source software, open source tool, utility, tip of the trade, text editor

Using lsof to Find Open Files

lsof is one of the most useful utilities for Linux and Unix systems. At its most basic, lsof can help identify which files are being used by any given application and which network ports are open.
Tags: OS, utility, tip of the trade, lsof, open source servers

Using Strace to Trace Problems

If you're having trouble figuring out why a program keeps crashing and burning, consider Strace, an easy-to-use diagnostic tool. More experienced users will find Strace handy for performance testing and more.
Tags: open source tools, open source software, OS, utility, tip of the trade

lsof Seeks All Open Files

Tip of the Trade: From pipes to directories to sockets, lsof is able to locate all open files.
Tags: open source, utility, lsof, open source servers

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