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The 5 People You Meet in the Data Center

Whether you're a sys admin who needs physical access to a server in the data center or a business owner moving your data center to the cloud, it is important to meet the people who support and maintain your data center.
Tags: security, data center management, system administrator, staffing, data center facilities management

2011 IT Salaries: How Much Are You Really Worth?

Datamation's 2011 IT Salary Guide is out. The lists salaries for various IT professionals, from software developers to IT systems administrators. Find out what you can expect to earn, should you decide to look for a new gig in the new year.
Tags: IT salaries, careers, system administrator, salaries, IT Salary Guide

10 System Administrator Tasks Ripe for Automation

Automation through scripting, specialized software and system scheduling frees up a sys admin's time, saves you money and prevents human error-related mistakes. These 10 repetitive processes are prime candidates for automation.
Tags: Top 10, automation, data center management, data center infrastructure, system administrator

2010 Salaries Revealed

Results of Datamation's survey of 2010 salaries are in. Find out what you can command on the open market.
Tags: salary, career, system administrator, staffing, 2010 salaries

Cloud to Transform Data Center Roles

In the future, the job of the system administrator may be to monitor software and services, leaving the hardware for others to worry about.
Tags: Cloud, Cloud Storage, system administrator

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