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VMware Enters the 'Tornado' Phase of Virtualization

VMware's second quarter 2016 results reveal how the company is moving beyond just vSphere.

Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, storage virtualization, virtualization technology, VMware, vSphere, OpenStack, NSX, VSAN, earnings report

Virsto Seeks to Solve Storage Virtualization Challenges

What will it take for virtual desktop infrastructure to move beyond the proof of concept stage?  Virsto believes it has the answer in its new storage virtualization software.

Tags: virtualization, storage virtualization, hypervisor, VDI, vSphere, Virsto

5 Backup Products for Virtual Machines

Mitigate one of your primary pain points with enterprise backup software for your virtual infrastructure.

Tags: storage virtualization, Symantec, virtual machine, backup, VMware, Quest, Tivoli Storage Manager, Tivoli, Veeam

Does Virtualization Deliver on Its Promise?

A recent survey from Symantec found that for many respondents, virtualization fell short of expectations. Why? The technology underpinnings of some flavors of virtualization aren't quite there yet.
Tags: storage virtualization, private cloud, server virtualization, desktop virtualization, hybrid cloud

SANs and Your Virtualized Environment -- Breaking the Cycle of Codependency

Is SAN complexity leading to VM stall? One NAS vendor certainly thinks so, and it's determined to disprove the 'myths.'
Tags: storage virtualization, SAN, server virtualization, VMware, NAS

Simpana Aims to Simplify Storage Virtualization

With version 9 of its flagship product, Simpana, CommVault is taking a 'modern approach' to data management -- and the way it manages virtual machines is key.
Tags: virtualization, storage virtualization, deduplication, server virtualization, CommVault

HDS, HP Intro SAN Arrays for the Virtualized Enterprise

HDS and HP unveil enterprise-class 3D SAN arrays designed to ease virtualization pain points.
Tags: storage virtualization, virtual server, HP, SAN, HDS

Storage Virtualization for Small and Midsize Businesses

Storage budgets may not be on the chopping block, but storage professionals remain charged with cutting costs. One area where small businesses find potential for high return on investment is storage virtualization.
Tags: virtualization, storage virtualization, SMB, storage vendors

The Rise of Virtual Server Management Vendors

As VMworld draws closer, ISVs selling virtual server management tools are showcasing their goods.
Tags: storage virtualization, virtual server, server virtualization

Virtualization Technologies Lure Governments

The cost savings and ease of management that draws enterprises to virtualization technologies is also proving attractive to government entities of all stripes.
Tags: storage virtualization, virtualization technologies, server virtualization, government, desktop virtualization

Virtualization Engines for SMB Storage

Storage virtualization is gaining popularity among businesses of all sizes, but selecting and setting up storage virtualization can be complex.
Tags: virtualization, storage virtualization, SMB, server virtualization

Boosting Storage Backup Speed on Virtual Servers

With virtual servers on almost every enterprise's road map, backup-related issues are increasingly on the radar.
Tags: virtualization, storage virtualization, hardware, Storage

Virtualization Technologies for Storage Get Real

Virtually Speaking: A torrent of products are being unleashed to meet the challenges of backing up virtual machines. From cloud storage to golden image management, virtualization technologies for storage are on the move.
Tags: storage virtualization, Cloud Storage, server virtualization, dedupe, CommVault

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