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8 Head-Scratching IT Help Desk Requests

Think all help desk tickets are IT-related? Here are eight that will leave you wondering whether everyone with a PC understands how to power it on or off.
Tags: career, staffing, staff management, staffing levels, help desk

IT Firms See Blue Skies for Second Half 2010

A recent survey finds many IT firms anticipate revenue during the second half of 2010 will outpace the first six months of the year. Will hiring follow suit?
Tags: IT career, career, IT budget, staffing levels

Outsourced Data Center Jobs -- Perception vs. Reality

Outsourcing and its impact on data center jobs is a contentious topic. Oftentimes it's difficult to separate myth from truth.
Tags: outsourcing, career, staff management, staffing levels, data center jobs

Second Quarter Looks Bright for Data Center Jobs

A recent survey finds most CIOs optimistic about staffing for data center jobs next quarter, particularly for positions that employ networking, database and security skills.
Tags: career, staffing, staffing levels, data center jobs

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