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10 Top Spam Stoppers

Stop spam in its tracks at the server with these 10 antispam products.

Tags: spam, Symantec, antispam, Kaspersky

WatchGuard Announces Quarantine Management Server

WatchGuard offers businesses protection against spam, phishing and malware-laden messages.
Tags: security, spam, server, malware, appliance

SpamAssassin's Y2K10 -- Whoops, We Did It Again

Mail server admins are quietly living out a past that never happened: A rule in SpamAssassin intended to stop spam dated outrageously in the future is snaring anything with a 2010 date.
Tags: Linux, spam, bug, mail server, spamassasin

How Safe Is Your Mail Server?

Sender Policy Framework aims to stop spam in its tracks. How successful has it been?
Tags: spam, mail server, spf

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