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10 Server and Admin BlackBerry Apps

These 10 BlackBerry smartphones apps make monitoring, connecting, transferring and managing your servers a snap.

Tags: mobile, smartphone, BlackBerry OS, Remote Server Management

12 Awesome Server Admin Apps for Windows Phone 7

Managing your data center from your smart phone is no longer fantasy. Server admins will find a wide selection of Windows Phone 7 apps to monitor, manage and administer as well as perform a variety of server-related tasks.

Tags: mobile, smartphone, windows phone 7 series, Remote Server Management

Cloud Computing: 5 Predictions for 2011

Is your New Year's resolution to roll more of your IT infrastructure into the cloud? Here are 5 key trends to keep an eye on as you plan your cloud computing deployments.
Tags: cloud computing, SaaS, apps, smartphone, predictions

RIM Offers Free SMB Server Software

The new software gives smaller businesses smartphone security without paying enterprise-level costs.
Tags: security, server, mobile, smartphone, RIM

Will MeeGo Overcome Common Open-Source Software Pitfall?

OS Round Up: Despite the strength of backers Intel and Nokia, Meego has already fallen prey to a common open-source software pitfall -- a moronic name. Can it overcome its nomenclature handicap and help make Linux the OS of choice for mobile computing?
Tags: Intel, smartphone, Nokia, OS, mobile linux

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