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Cheatsheet for Supported Guest OSes on Hyper-V 2012 R2

Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V supports an extensive variety of Windows operating systems and popular Linux distributions, so many in fact it can be a bit confusing keeping track of them all. Eliminate the confusion with this handy guide.

Tags: Windows Server 2012 R2, guest operating system, server tutorial, Windows, servers, Hyper-V, Windows Server 2012

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Deploying a RADIUS Server

Deploying a RADIUS server can create a variety of issues for the inexperienced administrator, so use our handy cheatsheet to avoid the most common RADIUS installation pitfalls.

Tags: troubleshooting, servers, RADIUS Server, server tutorial, Server Administrator, Radius

Oracle Goes After Cisco UCS, with the 'Whole Megillah'

Oracle aims to compete on price, but Cisco isn't worried.

Tags: Cisco UCS, Cisco, Oracle, Engineered Systems, servers, server hardware, IBM, Oracle Database

Two Tools for Testing DNS Server Speeds

While DNS services often advertise fast speeds and an improved web browsing experience, actual speeds can significantly vary. Discover two tools that help in finding the DNS server that will work best for you.

Tags: Linux server, server tutorial, DNS service, servers, Linux, DNS, DNS Servers

Red Hat's OpenStack Tech Leadership Discusses Cloud Direction [VIDEO]

Mark McLoughlin, Red Hat's OpenStack technical lead, details cloud product efforts at the Linux leader.

Tags: Red Hat, servers, Cloud, cloud computing, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenStack, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Linux servers, OpenStack Cloud, RedHat

Open Server Summit Shines on Software-Defined Architectures

Scaling today's systems to meet the challenges that are arising from the mountains of data created by the Internet of Things will require leaning heavily on software and new technologies.

Tags: IoT, software-defined storage, software-defined everything, servers, data center, internet of things, software-defined data center

Red Hat Looks to OpenShift Containers for the Future

Red Hat reports third quarter fiscal 2015 earnings of $456 million, and the company sees emerging opportunities for further growth.

Tags: OpenShift, OpenStack, earnings report, servers, Red Hat, Cloud, cloud computing, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Oracle Accelerates to the Cloud

Oracle server hardware sales on the rebound, but the real driver of growth is in the cloud.

Tags: Oracle Exalogic, server hardware, SaaS, Cloud, earnings, earnings report, PaaS, Oracle, IaaS, servers

Rackspace Embraces OpenPOWER

Rackspace is now the 80th member of the IBM-led OpenPower Alliance, even though Rackspace has never actually deployed a Power system.

Tags: servers, data center, Cloud, Rackspace, IBM POWER8, OpenPOWER, power8, IBM

Inside CoreOS Linux, Why Fleet and etcd Matter [VIDEO]

Brandon Philips, CTO of CoreOS, explains how his company's Linux server operating system components fit together.

Tags: servers, CoreOS Linux, CoreOS, Linux, server operating system, Linux server

HP Gen9 Servers Pack More Punch

HP continues to innovate with each new generation of servers while maintaining the tradition of engineering quality hardware. Do the new Gen9 systems live up to that high standard?

Tags: servers, HP Gen 9, data center, HP, HP Gen9, server review, blade server

Fedora 21 Retools Linux for Servers

The first release of Red Hat's community Linux project in 2014 provides server, cloud and workstation-focused products.

Tags: servers, Fedora, Linux, Linux server, containers, Fedora 21, containerization

Third Quarter 2014 Server Revenues Rise

Reports from IDC and Gartner provide a hint of optimism as revenue and server unit shipments grow, thanks largely to the cloud.

Tags: server shipments, IDC, servers, HP, server revenue, Gartner

Little Known GUI Firewall Options for Linux

While command-line interface-based firewalls may be the most popular options in Linux, there are some great easy to use yet powerful GUI-based firewalls as well.

Tags: Linux server, firewall, firewall software, servers, server tutorial, Linux

Cavium Debuts 48-Core ARM Server Chip

New ARM chips could be a big boost for Linux distributions.

Tags: ARM, Cavium, server chips, ARM processors, servers

Using Netsh to Manage Remote Servers and Workstations

The Windows network shell can help you configure network-related settings via the Command Prompt, and even better, it can also be used to efficiently manage remote machines.

Tags: Netsh, servers, server tutorial, workstations, Remote Server, Remote Server Management, Network shell, Network Management & Monitoring

OpenStack and the Mysteries of the Universe

CERN details its massive server deployment and use of OpenStack at this week's Paris Summit.

Tags: OpenStack, cloud computing, CERN, Cloud, OpenStack Icehouse, servers, OpenStack Cloud

Configuring 802.1X Server Settings for Apple Devices

Learn how to pre-configure 802.1X and other network settings on Mac OS X and iOS devices for increased security and better user friendliness.

Tags: server operating system, VMs, virtualization, Mac OS X, virtual machine, servers, server tutorial, UEFI, Radius, network settings, server os, IOS, 802.1x

VCE Launches New Converged Server Platforms

Joint venture for VMware, Cisco and EMC continues to grow and bear fruit.

Tags: VCE, vCenter, servers, VMware, networking, EMC, converged systems, Cisco

Data Centers Face Major Disruptions in Near Future: Gartner

From competition to changing workloads to tensions with China, significant changes are coming to data centers, the analysts say.

Tags: ARM processors, data centers, enterprise networking, Flash Storage, SDN, servers, AMD, IT infrastructure, Gartner, Cisco Systems, data storage, Intel, HP

Intel Xeon E5 v3 Aims to Be a Leading Indicator

Intel pulls the wraps off its latest server silicon, promising dramatic improvements in performance, security and monitoring capabilities.

Tags: Intel, Xeon E5 processor, Intel Xeon E5, servers, server processor, Haswell, Haswell processors, Intel Xeon

Dell Ups Its Game with the New T630 Tower Server

In conjunction with the release of the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 Haswell processors, Dell has rolled out a portfolio of new servers that includes the PowerEdge T630.

Tags: Windows Server, server hardware, storage server, Intel Xeon, servers, data center, Dell, datacenter, Haswell processors, server review, Haswell

Cisco Expands UCS Server Lineup for Cloud and the Edge

UCS rack and blade servers now have some company in Cisco's biggest server update in years.

Tags: servers, Cisco UCS Mini, Cisco UCS M-Series Modular Servers, Cisco, Cisco UCS, UCS

Enabling Server Validation for Windows and Android 802.1X Clients

Discover how server validation for 802.1X clients can help ensure your users reach the correct RADIUS server and avoid being duped by fake servers set up by hackers.

Tags: server tutorial, virtual machine, Windows, Radius, Android, server operating system, servers, 802.1x

New Gen 9 Servers Arriving from HP

Next-generation servers set to support 40 Gigabit Ethernet networking and 12 Gb/s storage drives.

Tags: server hardware, Intel Xeon, servers, HP, Intel, HP Gen9, HP Gen 9

Stacking Up Three Windows Server-Based Storage Solutions

Our latest server review compares several storage solutions running under either Windows Storage Server or Windows Server Essentials.

Tags: server hardware, servers, Windows Server, storage server, Windows Server 2012, server review, Windows Server Essentials, Windows Storage Server

Server Market Grows to $12.6 Billion in 2Q14

IDC sees some positive trends emerging in the server market.

Tags: Server Market, IDC, servers, x86 servers, Windows Server 2003, Intel Xeon

Oracle Announces SPARC M7 with Security, Performance Enhancements

Integration with Database and Java development teams leads to new server CPU innovations.

Tags: SPARC M7, servers, server hardware, Sun Microsystems, Java, Oracle, SPARC, database

Super Micro SuperServer Delivers the Power

Consolidation is the name of the game in today's datacenter, and Super Micro has plenty of systems to help, including the SuperServer F627R3-R72B+.

Tags: SuperMicro, datacenter, rackmount, data center, servers, server hardware, server review

OpenVMS Coming to x86 Servers

HP licenses future development of DEC's OpenVMS to a startup that will push the server operating system forward.

Tags: HP, x86 servers, servers, server os, x86 server, OpenVMS, DEC

Red Hat Aims for Linux Standards for ARM Servers

The company launches a partner program with ARM, AMD and others to develop a common platform for servers powered by ARM-based chips.

Tags: x86 servers, Linux, IT infrastructure, AMD, servers, ARM processors, SoC, Intel, open source software, Red Hat, Applied Micro, mobile devices, Cavium

Red Hat Pulls the Strings on Server Management with Satellite 6

Beta release sets the stage for next level of innovation in system management.

Tags: Red Hat, servers, system management, Puppet, server management

Lenovo's RD340 Is a Workhorse of a Server

Our latest server review takes the Lenovo RD340 for a spin by setting up a VMware Virtual SAN proof-of-concept cluster.

Tags: servers, server review, VSAN, Virtual SAN, cluster, VMware, Lenovo

Top500 Supercomputer Remains Stuck at 33.86 Petaflops

The Tianhe-2 retains the crown as little has changed on the most recent list of the world's top 500 supercomputers.

Tags: servers, Tianhe-2, supercomputer, TOP500, IBM, Linux, Cray, supercomputers, HP

HP Brings Liquid Cooling to Apollo High-Performance Server Portfolio

New Apollo portfolio of servers announced as well as expanded converged systems offerings.

Tags: HP, servers, rackmount, HPC, high performance computing, Apollo, converged systems, HP Apollo

Cisco Gains as Global Server Market Continues Decline

While the overall global server market is seeing a revenue decline, IDC suggests that's not the full picture.

Tags: x86 servers, blade servers, quarterly financials, Server Growth, Server Market, Cisco, servers

Cavium ARMs New Server Chips

New ThunderX System-on-a-Chip processor debuts as Cavium expands collaboration with Linux distributions.

Tags: ARM, servers, Linux, Open Compute Project, Linux servers, System on chip, SoC, Cavium

SuperMicro Tall Tower Takes Care of Business

The company's SYS-5038A-IL packs a whole lot of features into a single tower case, and its low cost makes the server a great choice for tight budgets.

Tags: SuperMicro, servers, tower, server review, rackmount

Inside the Nebula One OpenStack Cloud Server [VIDEO]

Chris Kemp, founder of Nebula and former CTO of NASA, explains how the new cloud server appliance works.

Tags: OpenStack, servers, Cloud server, Cloud, cloud computing, Nebula

Ubuntu Orange Box Mobilizes OpenStack Clouds [VIDEO]

At the OpenStack Summit Ubuntu demonstrates a portable cloud solution as well as the first 64-bit ARM server running OpenStack.

Tags: OpenStack Summit, ARM server, OpenStack, servers, Ubuntu, Cloud, cloud computing, 64-bit

Docker Re-Imagines Server Virtualization [VIDEO]

Ben Golub, CEO of Docker, explains what containers are all about and why Docker 1.0 will be a big deal.

Tags: servers, docker, Docker 1.0, virtualization, server virtualization, hypervisor, Docker Containers

Microsoft Looking to Lure Customers Away from VMware

The company's upgraded Virtual Machine Convertor tool adds features designed to help poach VMware-based VMs and turn them into Microsoft Hyper-V ones.

Tags: VMware vSphere, VMware, hypervisor, server virtualization, servers, virtualization, Microsoft Hyper-V, Hyper-V, virtually speaking, Microsoft

HP Joins Foxconn for Cloud Servers

New servers set to complement the existing HP ProLiant server platform.

Tags: HP, Foxconn, ProLiant Gen8 server, servers, HP ProLiant, ProLiant

Two Tower Servers that Won't Tank Your Budget

What can you do with a low-end budget server? In the case of two systems from Dell and Lenovo, the answer is quite a lot.

Tags: Dell, PowerEdge, Dell PowerEdge, lenovo thinkserver, ThinkServer, Lenovo, tower, servers

IBM Launches Power 8 Servers with a Strong Linux Focus

IBM adds KVM virtualization and Ubuntu as a supported Linux distribution, while taking aim at Intel x86.

Tags: Ubuntu, power8, IBM Power System, IBM Power 8, Linux server, KVM, IBM, servers, IBM Power Systems

IBM Gearing Up for New Power8 Servers

IBM's first quarter 2014 results show a continued decline in hardware revenue, but Big Blue has a plan and new technology in the works.

Tags: servers, Linux, IBM Power Series, power8, IBM, Linux server, IBM Power Systems

Fear Not Working with FreeRADIUS

Running into problems when installing, using or troubleshooting FreeRADIUS? We have some helpful configuration and usage tips to relieve your FreeRADIUS-related stress.

Tags: troubleshooting, open source, Radius, servers, server tutorial, FreeRADIUS

Cisco UCS Servers Turn 5

Project California has transformed Cisco into a major server player.

Tags: Cisco UCS, UCS, Cisco Systems, Cisco, servers, Unified Computing System, project California, Unified Computing

AMD's Massive Data Center Consolidation Project Moving Along

Advanced Micro Devices is progressing on its plans to move all of its North American data centers into a single 153,000-square-foot facility near Atlanta.

Tags: power and cooling, AMD, servers, data center, Advanced Micro Devices, data center architecture, Server Administrator

Oracle Server Business Shows Signs of Growth

Larry Ellison claims he's regularly beating IBM for big server deals as Oracle Engineered Systems take off.

Tags: EMC, servers, Oracle, Oracle Exalogic, IBM, Exalogic

Conquering Compliance and Security Challenges in Today's Data Center

In an ever-accelerating world of highly virtualized data centers, how can security and compliance possibly keep up?

Tags: mobile device management, VMware, server virtualization, servers, EMC, virtualization, MDM, AirWatch

Hyper-V Replica Resynchronization Process

Resynchronizations can become necessary when a Hyper-V Primary Server fails to properly replicate to the Replica Server. Discover what to look for and how to proceed when a Hyper-V resync is needed.

Tags: servers, server os, Windows Server 2012 R2, server tutorial, server operating system, Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V

Piston Updates OpenStack Cloud Platform

Migrating from one OpenStack release to the next is a key challenge that Piston Cloud Computing has claimed to have conquered.

Tags: OpenStack Folsom, Piston Cloud, servers, OpenStack, Cloud, cloud computing, Piston

Supermicro 1U Server Shows Its Stuff

The company's SuperServer rackmount server solution delivers an attractive blend of performance, reliability, power efficiency and affordability.

Tags: servers, server review, rackmount, SuperMicro

eWEEK at 30: Intel, ARM Ramping Up Rivalry in Mobile, Server Markets

eWEEK 30: Intel is playing catch-up in the low-power mobile device market where ARM is its strongest rival. Now ARM is taking aim at Intel's bread-and-butter data center server market.

Tags: Marvell, CPUs, SoC, Linaro, Mobile World Congress, Foxconn, IBM, Apple, PCS, Calxeda, Chromebooks, Advanced Micro Devices, OEMs, microservers, hyperscale, internet of things, surface RT, Pund-IT, eWEEK 30, IoT, merrifield, Brian Krzanich, system-on-a-chip, Silvermont, Facebook, Windows, Google, Android, Microsoft, iPhone, smartphones, Intel, Dell, HP, Atom, servers, x86, AMD, ARM, Samsung, Lenovo, nVidia, Qualcomm, Paul Otellini, asus, hewlett-packard, tablets, data centers, mobile devices, Moore's Law

2013 Global Server Market Continues to Decline

The latest analyst numbers from IDC and Gartner show a continued revenue backslide in 2013, though actual server shipment volume is up.

Tags: server vendors, servers

HP Tops Slow-Growing Server Market in Q4 2013: Gartner

IBM, which is selling its x86 server unit to Lenovo, saw large declines in both server revenue and shipments, the analyst firm says.

Tags: Huawei, Oracle, hyperscale, IBM, server virtualization, IT infrastructure, servers, Fujitsu, HP, Dell, Cisco Systems

6 Powerful PowerShell Tools and Utilities

Discover six GUI-based scripting tools and utilities that can extend PowerShell's functionality while helping to make it a bit easier to use.

Tags: servers, scripting, Windows Server 2012, POWERSHELL CMDLETS, server tutorial, Windows Server 2012 R2, PowerShell

A Closer Look at VMware's Acquisition of AirWatch

What's behind the server virtualization leviathan jumping into the mobile device management market?

Tags: VMware, virtualization, EMC, AirWatch, servers, server virtualization, MDM, mobile device management

Dell, HP, Cisco, Others Unveil Servers Running on New Intel Xeon Chips

The high-end systems are designed to tackle data-intensive workloads like big data, business intelligence and analytics and to challenge RISC systems.

Tags: processors, Cisco Systems, NEC, RISC, servers, HP, ERP, Dell, HPC, Intel, Fujitsu, enterprise software, Data Analytics, big data, SuperMicro

HP DL580 Gen8 Server Innovates with Power

With power and cooling the two most significant operating costs for servers, a more power-efficient solution can significantly impact the bottom line. In that respect, HP's new DL580 Gen8 certainly delivers.

Tags: HP ProLiant, servers, hp gen8, power and cooling, server review, HP, Gen8

Intel Debuts Xeon E7 v2 Taking Aim at RISC

More clock speed, more memory and more I/O bandwidth highlight new server chip release.

Tags: Xeon E7 v2, Xeon, Ivy Bridge, servers, microprocessors, Intel Xeon, Xeon E7, Intel

Samsung Joins IBM's OpenPower Foundation

The group aims to extend the reach of IBM's Power architecture by licensing the chip design to companies for servers and storage systems.

Tags: open source, data storage, IBM Power Systems, bid data analytics, OpenPOWER Consortium, ARM processors, IBM, enterprise networking, SoC, HPC, Samsung, x86, servers, processors, Intel

Retrieving Symantec Antivirus Scanning Details from Client PCs

Take advantage of the built-in logging capabilities in Symantec Antivirus and our handy script to retrieve TimeOfLastScan, TimeOfLastVirus and PatternFileUpdate details from client PCs.

Tags: server tutorial, client, servers, Symantec, antivirus, scripting, client-server

HP Ending Free Firmware Updates for X86 ProLiant Servers

Only those customers with systems under warranty will get access to firmware updates, which had been offered for free.

Tags: Dell, x86 servers, HP, servers, IBM, IT infrastructure, Cisco Systems, firmware, ProLiant, Lenovo

Dell Unveils Proof-of-Concept ARM-Based Server

Company officials say they expect the microserver will help fuel the expansion of the ecosystem around ARM-based servers.

Tags: SoC, mobile devices, IT infrastructure, 64-bit, AMD, x86, servers, Dell, processors, Intel, ARM processors, hyperscale

AMD, ARM and Andreessen Take On the Data Center

ARM for the data center gets new life and a vote of confidence from Internet browser pioneer Marc Andreesen. Intel isn't impressed.

Tags: x86 server, AMD, Marc Andreesen, datacenter, servers, ARM, data center

Open Compute Project Takes on Converged Infrastructure, Saves Facebook $1 Billion

Is converged infrastructure a "buzzword" for vendor lock-in?

Tags: data center, servers, Facebook, Converged Infrastructure, Open Compute Project, OCP

Penguin Computing's Altus OCP31 Open Compute Project Offering

The Altus OCP31 showcases some of the key advantages a third-generation OCP-based server system can offer for those looking to save on operating costs as well as initial procurement costs.

Tags: OCP, OpenStack, servers, high-availability, Open Compute Project

IBM Sells Server Business to Lenovo for $2.3 Billion

After another disappointing year of hardware sales, IBM throws in the towel on its low-end server business.

Tags: IBM, servers, Lenovo, server hardware, blade servers, IBM Power Systems

Seven Free Tools for Windows Server Administrators

Get your hands on our goody bag of free server administration tools for helping you more efficiently configure, manage, troubleshoot and secure Windows Servers and domains.

Tags: administration, Server Administrator, server tutorial, Windows Server, servers, Windows Server 2012

IBM Adopts Flash DIMMs for New X Series Servers

Big Blue turns up the heat in the enterprise server market with DIMM-based flash tech from a devilish storage partner.

Tags: x86 servers, DIMM, IBM, Big Blue, PureSystems, Diablo, servers

Integrated Systems Market Jumps Nearly 70% in Q3 2013

VCE, Cisco/NetApp and EMC top the growing market for converged systems, according to IDC.

Tags: converged systems, VCE, integrated systems, NetApp, IDC, servers, Cisco, Servers & Services, EMC

Oracle Updates Exalogic and Exadata Engineered Systems

Oracle boosts compute performance and storage capacity in the latest generation of Exa-Class systems.

Tags: compute, Exalogic, Exadata, Oracle, Oracle Exalogic, servers

HP Advances Its ConvergedSystems Portfolio

New servers debut as HP's AppSystem solutions evolve, including a new Moonshot-powered system for the delivery of hosted desktops.

Tags: HP, Moonshot, virtualization, AppSystem, servers

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