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2Q16 Global Server Revenues Decline to $13.4B

HPE continues to lead the server market in terms of revenue.

Tags: Gartner, data centers, IDC, Server Market, server revenue, servers

LinuxCon: How Facebook Monitors Hundreds of Thousands of Servers with Netconsole

By looking at the lowest level of data traffic, Facebook is able to identify potential server problems before they become outages.

Tags: open source, Linux, Facebook, bugs, server hardware, LinuxCon, netconsole, servers

New Supermicro SuperBlades Pack Some Serious Power

Supermicro's latest blade servers feature Intel Broadwell CPUs and when paired with NVMe and SSD disks are total screamers in terms of performance.

Tags: blade, servers, tower, SuperMicro, SSD, blade servers, nvme, server review, blades, Windows Server 2016

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Buying SGI for $275M

Move brings additional High Performance Computing (HPC) and Big Data technology to HPE.

Tags: SGI, HPC, data center, servers, high performance computing, Silicon Graphics, big data, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HPE

Cisco's UCS Mini Is Ready for any Workload

There's nothing "mini" about the Cisco UCS Mini -- it's a full-fledged blade server platform with the ability to scale up to meet the large majority of enterprise needs.

Tags: server review, Cisco UCS servers, Cisco UCS Mini, Cisco UCS M-Series Modular Servers, Server Blades, blade server, Cisco UCS, server hardware, servers

Intel Aims to Compete with Itself to Drive Growth

Intel reports second quarter revenue of $13.5 billion as CEO details his plans for continuous innovation.

Tags: earnings report, Intel, Intel Datacenter Manager stack, data center, servers

Red Hat Summit: Improving Productivity Through Collaboration

Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst gives a history lesson about how the Industrial Revolution changed productivity and how the new era of server automation, cloud and containers will change it again.

Tags: servers, Red Hat, Red Hat Summit 2016, server automation, Red Hat Summit, Jim Whitehurst

New Supercomputer Champion Crowned at 93 Petaflops

For the first time in history China now has more supercomputers than the U.S.

Tags: supercomputer, servers, Linux, TOP500, supercomputers, Sunway TaihuLight

Worldwide Server Sales Dip to $12.4B in 1Q16

Both IDC and Gartner are reporting a less than stellar start to 2016 for server vendors.

Tags: server vendors, Server Market, Gartner, servers, IDC

Server Virtualization Market Is Peaking: Gartner

While revenues may be up this year, fewer new software licenses are being issued.

Tags: servers, containers, Cloud, virtualization, server virtualization, hyperconverged infrastructure, VMware

HPE Boosts OpenStack with New Helion Release

VIDEO: Mark Interrante, senior vice president, Engineering for HPE, discusses what's new in HPE's latest Helion OpenStack milestone release.

Tags: Helion Cloud Platform, Helion Managed Private Cloud, Helion, OpenStack Cloud, HPE, servers, cloud computing, OpenStack

Server Spending Bolstered by Cloud Growth

IDC forecasts $38.2B will be spent on cloud infrastructure in 2016.

Tags: server revenue, server hardware, Cloud, IDC, public cloud, Cloud Infrastructure, private cloud, servers

OpenPOWER Foundation Details New Server Designs

Once solely the domain of IBM, multiple vendors are now building servers based on the POWER architecture.

Tags: servers, Google, open source, IBM, IBM Power, IBM POWER8, OpenPOWER, OpenPOWER Foundation, Rackspace, server hardware

How AppFormix Uses Intel RDT to Improve Performance [PODCAST]

Sumeet Singh, Founder and CEO of AppFormix, discusses how Intel RDT and AppFormix are helping to eliminate noisy neighbors.

Tags: AppFormix, servers, Intel RDT, Intel Xeon E5-2600, Intel, Xeon, Intel Xeon

Remote Desktop Connections for Multiple Users on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012

Our latest Server Tutorial tackles remote desktop connections for multiple users on Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 and the forthcoming Windows Server 2016.

Tags: servers, Windows client, server tutorial, Windows 8, Remote Desktop Services from Microsoft, Windows 10 Pro, Windows Server, RDP, Windows Server 2016, remote desktop multiple users, Remote Desktop Protocol, Remote Desktop, Windows Server 2012, Windows 10 Home

Hyperscale Environments Pressure Server OEMs

The Googles, Facebooks and Amazons of the world are buying a lot of servers, and many of them are coming from smaller ODMs.

Tags: Cisco Systems, Lenovo, servers, Dell, Google, Facebook, Amazon, HPE, ODMs, hyperscale data centers

Global Server Sales Top $55B in 2015

Analyst firms Gartner and IDC report single-digit growth for servers in 2015.

Tags: x86 server, x86 servers, whitebox, Server Market, servers, server hardware, Server Growth, HPE, server shipments

Streamlining Admin Tasks with SCVMM PowerShell Commands

Microsoft's System Center Virtual Machine Manager includes its own set of handy PowerShell commands for facilitating interactions with VMs, Hyper-V hosts and more.

Tags: System Center Virtual Machine Manager, Windows Server 2012, NIC, PowerShell, virtual machine, Hyper-V, servers, System Center, Azure, Windows, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, server tutorial, POWERSHELL CMDLETS, Server Administrator

IBM Boosts Mainframe Security

Big Blue claims its new mainframe is the world's most secure server.

Tags: servers, IBM mainframe, IBM servers, IBM z13 mainframe, IBM, mainframe, Big Blue, server hardware, IBM z System

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Scales Large Linux Workloads with Integrity

HPE announces new Integrity MC990 X server optimized for Linux.

Tags: server hardware, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Integrity, servers, Linux, HPE Integrity MC990 X Server, Hewlett Packard, HPE

IBM Makes LinuxONE Mainframe Go Faster

Top IBM execs explain what's new and what's coming for LinuxONE, with Go language support added in the current update.

Tags: servers, server hardware, mainframe, IBM, LinuxONE, mainframes, IBM mainframe, IBM servers, Big Blue

AMD Finally Gets ARM-Based Server Chip to Market

The chip maker launches its delayed Opteron A1100 SoC into a data center market that officials say is now more ready for ARM-based processors.

Tags: data storage, Intel, servers, ARM processors, data center infrastructure, SoC, enterprise networking, AMD

Installing and Using Microsoft Azure PowerShell Version 1.0

While you can use previous versions of Azure PowerShell cmdlets to interact with Azure resources, there are several key benefits offered in the new Azure PowerShell 1.0.

Tags: Windows, Windows Server 2016, System Center, servers, Hyper-V, virtual machine, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, NIC, Windows Server 2012, System Center Virtual Machine Manager, Server Administrator, guest operating system, POWERSHELL CMDLETS, server tutorial, Windows Server 2012 R2, Azure

Azure: Opting for ARM or the Classic Way of Doing Things?

While Microsoft has introduced a new way to manage Azure resources, there are several key reasons you might not want to utilize the Azure Resource Manager, at least not yet.

Tags: Microsoft Azure, Windows Server 2016, NIC, Windows Server 2012, System Center Virtual Machine Manager, Server Administrator, guest operating system, POWERSHELL CMDLETS, server tutorial, Windows Server 2012 R2, virtual machine, Hyper-V, servers, System Center, Azure, Windows, PowerShell

Global Server Revenues Grow in the Third Quarter

IDC and Gartner provide reason for continued optimism in the server market.

Tags: Server Market, Gartner, server, IDC, server revenue, servers

CoreOS Enables ISE to Use Containers for Options Trading

Bare metal servers across New York, New Jersey and Chicago now use CoreOS to enable over 150 million messages a second.

Tags: CoreOS, containerization, RHEL, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, servers, data center, Bare Metal, containers

Manipulating Azure Storage Accounts Using Storage PowerShell cmdlets

The Microsoft Azure dev team has provided six PowerShell cmdlets that can be useful when working with Azure storage accounts from the command line.

Tags: System Center, servers, Hyper-V, virtual machine, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, Windows Server 2016, Azure, Windows Server 2012, Server Administrator, Windows Server 2012 R2, guest operating system, Windows, POWERSHELL CMDLETS, server tutorial

HPE Enters Composable Infrastructure Space With Synergy

The vendor joins Cisco, Intel and others in offering highly agile, configurable infrastructures that can run both traditional and cloud workloads.

Tags: enterprise networking, Cisco Systems, servers, Dell, processors, Intel, HPE, data storage, composable infrastructure

Vapor IO Brings OpenDCRE to General Availability

Open Data Center Runtime Environment (OpenDCRE) is now production-grade ready as an evolutionary step forward from IPMI.

Tags: open source, Vapor, Vapor IO, Vapor Chamber, datacenter, data center management, servers, data center

Oracle Puts Software in SPARC M7 to Improve Security, Performance

The new Silicon in Software initiative embeds data in memory security and data encryption functions onto the M7 processor.

Tags: in-memory database servers, Oracle, data encryption, data security, servers, SPARC M7, processors

IBM Sees Promise in Power 8 Servers and System z Mainframes

Big Blue reports third quarter fiscal 2015 revenue of $19.3 billion.

Tags: Big Blue, server hardware, IBM, Power 8, servers, quarterly earnings, big data, mainframes, system z

Intel Data Center Revenues Driving Growth

While the PC market is far from dead, it's not Intel's growth leader either.

Tags: IoT, revenues, Intel, data center, datacenter, servers, internet of things, quarterly earnings

Seven Free Tools for Windows Server Administrators

Get your hands on our goody bag of free server administration tools for helping you more efficiently configure, manage, troubleshoot and secure Windows Servers and domains.

Tags: Windows Server 2016, server administrators, server admin, server tutorial, Server Administrator, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server, servers, administration

NGINX Plus R7 Brings HTTP2 Support to Servers

Latest release of commercially supported web server improves security and performance.

Tags: servers, open source, web server, HTTP2, Nginx Web server, Nginx Plus 2.0, NGINX Plus Release 6, Nginx

An Azure Lexicon for Working with Virtual Machines in Microsoft Azure

Creating and using Azure virtual machines in the public cloud involves knowing and understanding a variety of defined Azure terms and components.

Tags: Windows, Azure, System Center, servers, Hyper-V, virtual machine, Microsoft Azure, PowerShell, NIC, Windows Server 2012, System Center Virtual Machine Manager, Server Administrator, guest operating system, POWERSHELL CMDLETS, server tutorial, Windows Server 2012 R2

Creating Azure Virtual Machines Quickly and Painlessly

There are several ways to create an Azure Virtual Machine, and the best option will likely depend on your role and expertise.

Tags: Azure, NIC, Windows, Windows Server 2012 R2, guest operating system, servers, Windows Server 2012, Server Administrator, Hyper-V, virtual machine, server tutorial, System Center Virtual Machine Manager, Microsoft Azure, System Center, PowerShell, POWERSHELL CMDLETS

Linuxcon: The Changing Role of the Server OS

Oracle's top Linux engineer details how containers are changing the world, and why containers themselves still need to change.

Tags: Linux, container, servers, server os, LinuxCon, Oracle, containerization, containers

IBM Launches New Linux Mainframes and Open Mainframe Project

Linux on the mainframe is a big deal for IBM and it's about to get even bigger.

Tags: mainframes, Linux, IBM, Linux server, servers, mainframe, Linux mainframe, Open Mainframe Project, server hardware, LinuxONE

Tips and Considerations When Creating Virtual Machines in Azure

At first glance, it might seem easy to set up a virtual machine in Microsoft Azure, but there are several important considerations to keep in mind before creating a VM in Azure.

Tags: Hyper-V, servers, System Center, Azure, Windows, Windows Server 2012, Microsoft Azure, virtual machine, Windows Server 2012 R2, server tutorial, Server Administrator

IBM 2Q15 Revenue Reported at $20.8 Billion

IBM's focus on analytics and the cloud is starting to pay off, with Big Blue's server hardware systems reaping the benefits.

Tags: POWER8 processor, Cloud, system z, servers, server hardware, big data, IBM

SUSE Brings ARM Server Support to Linux Distribution

The company unveils a version of SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 for ARM-based servers powered by ARM chips from Applied Micro, Cavium and others.

Tags: ARM processors, Applied Micro, SUSE Linux Enterprise 12, AMD, servers, Intel, software development, Cavium, open-source software

Zend Server 8.5 Announced as PHP 7 Release Nears

Latest release of the PHP application server benefits from a new add-on gallery, Z-Ray technology and new routing capabilities.

Tags: application server, Zend, PHP, Zend Server 8, PHP 7, servers, Zend Server

How Dell Puts Cloud Servers Together [VIDEO]

Jim Ganthier, VP and GM for engineered solutions and cloud at Dell, discusses how his company approaches engineering server systems.

Tags: server hardware, cloud servers, Cloud server, Dell, Engineered Systems, Cloud, OpenStack, servers

The End of the Road for Windows Server 2003 and 2008

With mainstream support for Windows Server 2008 R2 coming to an end, it's a great time to make the leap to Windows Server 2012 R2 and reap the benefit of all its new Hyper-V enhancements.

Tags: Windows Server 2012 R2, Server Administrator, server tutorial, Hyper-V, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2012, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, servers

What's Coming in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux roadmap revealed at Red Hat Summit 2015.

Tags: servers, RHEL, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Linux server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2, RHEL 7.2, Red Hat Summit

Move-VM, Move-VMStorage and Compare-VM PowerShell cmdlets for Hyper-V

Discover the power behind three valuable PowerShell cmdlets available to Hyper-V server admins.

Tags: Windows Server 2012, PowerShell, server tutorial, Hyper-V, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows, System Center, Server Administrator, servers, POWERSHELL CMDLETS

30 Percent of Servers Worldwide Sit Idle, Report Says

The 10 million "comatose" servers that deliver no data or services represent $30 billion in wasted infrastructure capital, according to researchers.

Tags: servers, power consumption, data center architecture, CPUs

HP's DL180 Gets the Gen9 Treatment

The HP DL180 Gen9 server may be just what you need if you're looking for a budget-priced two-socket server.

Tags: HP servers, HP Gen9, Windows Server, server hardware, servers, Windows Server 2012, server review, HP Gen 9

1Q15 Server Revenues Hit $12.8 Billion

The latest state of the server market numbers are in from IDC and Gartner, and the general trend is quite positive.

Tags: data center, datacenter, server revenue, hyperscale data centers, servers, Server Market, hyperscale

Key Considerations for WSUS 6.2 on Windows Server 2012 R2

Get up to speed with our handy list of tips and tricks for painlessly installing and operating a Windows Server Update Services server.

Tags: wsus, server tutorial, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server Update Services, servers, NIC, Server Administrator, Hyper-V

QuinStreet Enterprise Research: Security Breaches Lead to Server Corruption

New exclusive research from QuinStreet Enterprise details the risks of security breaches for server administrators.

Tags: Security Breaches, Server Administrator, Security Concerns, SecurityTopicRally, security breach, servers, server security

Dell's PowerEdge R920 Is a Monster of a Server

Dell's high-end R920 server certainly sports the specs, but can it handle nearly any workload of any size without skipping a beat?

Tags: server hardware, server review, servers, Dell PowerEdge, PowerEdge, datacenter, Dell, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server, VMware, data center

Key Deployment Considerations when Working with SCVMM 2012 R2

While System Center Virtual Machine Manager can help efficiently manage your virtualization infrastructure, make sure to brush up on these core details before installing it in a production environment.

Tags: Windows, System Center, Windows Server 2012 R2, System Center Virtual Machine Manager, server tutorial, Hyper-V, servers, Windows Server 2012, Server Administrator

Fujitsu Boosts Performance of Its M10 Servers

The vendor said faster SPARC64 X+ chips will help the M10-1 and M10-4 servers, jointly developed with Oracle, increase performance by 30 percent.

Tags: Oracle, Unix operating system, servers, processors, Fujitsu, data center infrastructure, big data analytics, internet of things

OpenPOWER: The First Fight Isn’t Intel, It’s ARM

Rob Enderle doesn't think OpenPOWER will have much trouble rolling over ARM on servers. There is simply too much of an imbalance.

Tags: analysts, servers, OpenPOWER, Intel, Vendor management, IBM, HP, ARM

Configuring NIC Teaming for Virtual Machines with Hyper-V 3.0

In our latest server tutorial discover how NIC Teaming can be used for Hyper-V virtual machines on Hyper-V 3.0 on Windows Server 2012.

Tags: Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, servers, Windows, NIC, Hyper-V, server tutorial

HP Debuts Cloudline Servers from Foxconn Joint Venture

The new Cloudline servers are not intended to compete against existing ProLiant servers.

Tags: Foxconn, cloud servers, ProLiant, blade server, HP, Cloudline, HP servers, servers

Intel Debuts Xeon D System-on-a-Chip for Server Density

New chip family from Intel takes aim at the edge of the data center.

Tags: Intel Xeon D, Intel Xeon, Xeon, server chips, data center, Intel, system-on-a-chip, SoC, servers

Global Server Market Grew to $50.9 Billion in 2014

More servers were shipped in 2014 than ever before, with x86-based systems driving the growth.

Tags: Server Market, hyperscale, x86 servers, Gartner, IDC, servers

Cheatsheet for Supported Guest OSes on Hyper-V 2012 R2

Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V supports an extensive variety of Windows operating systems and popular Linux distributions, so many in fact it can be a bit confusing keeping track of them all. Eliminate the confusion with this handy guide.

Tags: Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, guest operating system, Windows, servers, Hyper-V, server tutorial

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Deploying a RADIUS Server

Deploying a RADIUS server can create a variety of issues for the inexperienced administrator, so use our handy cheatsheet to avoid the most common RADIUS installation pitfalls.

Tags: troubleshooting, servers, Server Administrator, Radius, RADIUS Server, server tutorial

Oracle Goes After Cisco UCS, with the 'Whole Megillah'

Oracle aims to compete on price, but Cisco isn't worried.

Tags: Cisco UCS, Engineered Systems, Oracle Database, server hardware, servers, IBM, Cisco, Oracle

Two Tools for Testing DNS Server Speeds

While DNS services often advertise fast speeds and an improved web browsing experience, actual speeds can significantly vary. Discover two tools that help in finding the DNS server that will work best for you.

Tags: DNS service, servers, Linux, DNS, DNS Servers, Linux server, server tutorial

Red Hat's OpenStack Tech Leadership Discusses Cloud Direction [VIDEO]

Mark McLoughlin, Red Hat's OpenStack technical lead, details cloud product efforts at the Linux leader.

Tags: RedHat, OpenStack Cloud, Linux servers, servers, Red Hat, OpenStack, Cloud, cloud computing, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Open Server Summit Shines on Software-Defined Architectures

Scaling today's systems to meet the challenges that are arising from the mountains of data created by the Internet of Things will require leaning heavily on software and new technologies.

Tags: internet of things, software-defined data center, software-defined storage, servers, software-defined everything, data center, IoT

Red Hat Looks to OpenShift Containers for the Future

Red Hat reports third quarter fiscal 2015 earnings of $456 million, and the company sees emerging opportunities for further growth.

Tags: OpenStack, Red Hat, OpenShift, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, cloud computing, earnings report, Cloud, servers

Oracle Accelerates to the Cloud

Oracle server hardware sales on the rebound, but the real driver of growth is in the cloud.

Tags: Oracle Exalogic, IaaS, Oracle, PaaS, server hardware, servers, earnings, SaaS, Cloud, earnings report

Rackspace Embraces OpenPOWER

Rackspace is now the 80th member of the IBM-led OpenPower Alliance, even though Rackspace has never actually deployed a Power system.

Tags: power8, OpenPOWER, IBM POWER8, Cloud, data center, servers, Rackspace, IBM

Inside CoreOS Linux, Why Fleet and etcd Matter [VIDEO]

Brandon Philips, CTO of CoreOS, explains how his company's Linux server operating system components fit together.

Tags: servers, Linux, CoreOS Linux, CoreOS, server operating system, Linux server

HP Gen9 Servers Pack More Punch

HP continues to innovate with each new generation of servers while maintaining the tradition of engineering quality hardware. Do the new Gen9 systems live up to that high standard?

Tags: blade server, servers, HP Gen9, server review, data center, HP Gen 9, HP

Fedora 21 Retools Linux for Servers

The first release of Red Hat's community Linux project in 2014 provides server, cloud and workstation-focused products.

Tags: Linux server, servers, Fedora, Linux, containerization, Fedora 21, containers

Third Quarter 2014 Server Revenues Rise

Reports from IDC and Gartner provide a hint of optimism as revenue and server unit shipments grow, thanks largely to the cloud.

Tags: Gartner, server shipments, IDC, servers, server revenue, HP

Little Known GUI Firewall Options for Linux

While command-line interface-based firewalls may be the most popular options in Linux, there are some great easy to use yet powerful GUI-based firewalls as well.

Tags: server tutorial, firewall software, Linux server, firewall, servers, Linux

Cavium Debuts 48-Core ARM Server Chip

New ARM chips could be a big boost for Linux distributions.

Tags: server chips, servers, ARM, Cavium, ARM processors

Using Netsh to Manage Remote Servers and Workstations

The Windows network shell can help you configure network-related settings via the Command Prompt, and even better, it can also be used to efficiently manage remote machines.

Tags: Remote Server, Network shell, Remote Server Management, servers, Netsh, Network Management & Monitoring, workstations, server tutorial

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