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LinuxCon: How Facebook Monitors Hundreds of Thousands of Servers with Netconsole

By looking at the lowest level of data traffic, Facebook is able to identify potential server problems before they become outages.

Tags: open source, Linux, Facebook, netconsole, servers, server hardware, LinuxCon, bugs

Cisco's UCS Mini Is Ready for any Workload

There's nothing "mini" about the Cisco UCS Mini -- it's a full-fledged blade server platform with the ability to scale up to meet the large majority of enterprise needs.

Tags: servers, server hardware, Cisco UCS, server review, Cisco UCS servers, Server Blades, Cisco UCS M-Series Modular Servers, Cisco UCS Mini, blade server

Mirantis Unlocks OpenStack Appliances with Quanta and Supermicro

The company's Unlocked Appliances effort expands with two partners who are bringing new OpenStack-optimized hardware to market.

Tags: server hardware, OpenStack, OpenStack Cloud, SuperMicro, Quanta, Unlocked Appliances, Mirantis

Server Spending Bolstered by Cloud Growth

IDC forecasts $38.2B will be spent on cloud infrastructure in 2016.

Tags: public cloud, Cloud, private cloud, servers, server revenue, server hardware, Cloud Infrastructure, IDC

OpenPOWER Foundation Details New Server Designs

Once solely the domain of IBM, multiple vendors are now building servers based on the POWER architecture.

Tags: open source, Google, IBM Power, IBM POWER8, OpenPOWER, OpenPOWER Foundation, IBM, Rackspace, server hardware, servers

Oracle Cloud Machine Abstracts Cloud Servers

Oracle brings cloud servers on-premises with the new Oracle Cloud Machine.

Tags: cloud servers, private cloud, server hardware, on-premises, Oracle Cloud, Oracle

Oracle Hardware Revenues Continue to Slip in 3Q16

The impact of the cloud on Oracle's business is now obvious.

Tags: server revenue, Cloud, Oracle Cloud, server hardware, Oracle

Global Server Sales Top $55B in 2015

Analyst firms Gartner and IDC report single-digit growth for servers in 2015.

Tags: server hardware, x86 servers, servers, Server Growth, Server Market, whitebox, HPE, x86 server, server shipments

Cisco UCS C3260 Is a Storage Beast

When it comes to storage servers, Cisco's latest system outshines similar offerings from Dell and HP in terms of disk density, but how well does it stack up in other areas?

Tags: server review, storage servers, Cisco UCS, storage server, server hardware, Cisco

IBM Boosts Mainframe Security

Big Blue claims its new mainframe is the world's most secure server.

Tags: IBM z System, IBM servers, IBM mainframe, Big Blue, IBM, mainframe, server hardware, IBM z13 mainframe, servers

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Scales Large Linux Workloads with Integrity

HPE announces new Integrity MC990 X server optimized for Linux.

Tags: HPE, HPE Integrity MC990 X Server, Linux, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Integrity, servers, Hewlett Packard, server hardware

IBM Makes LinuxONE Mainframe Go Faster

Top IBM execs explain what's new and what's coming for LinuxONE, with Go language support added in the current update.

Tags: servers, server hardware, mainframe, IBM, LinuxONE, mainframes, IBM mainframe, IBM servers, Big Blue

Dell's PowerEdge R230 Delivers for SMB Customers

While the server 1U form factor almost always leads to limitations on disk, CPU and memory, Dell is looking to change that in a big way with the new PowerEdge R230.

Tags: server, Dell, server hardware, Dell PowerEdge Server, server review, Dell PowerEdge, rackmount

IBM Sees Promise in Power 8 Servers and System z Mainframes

Big Blue reports third quarter fiscal 2015 revenue of $19.3 billion.

Tags: servers, server hardware, system z, IBM, quarterly earnings, Big Blue, mainframes, Power 8, big data

IBM Launches New Linux Mainframes and Open Mainframe Project

Linux on the mainframe is a big deal for IBM and it's about to get even bigger.

Tags: Linux server, mainframes, IBM, mainframe, Linux, server hardware, Linux mainframe, servers, Open Mainframe Project, LinuxONE

IBM 2Q15 Revenue Reported at $20.8 Billion

IBM's focus on analytics and the cloud is starting to pay off, with Big Blue's server hardware systems reaping the benefits.

Tags: Cloud, POWER8 processor, big data, IBM, system z, server hardware, servers

How Dell Puts Cloud Servers Together [VIDEO]

Jim Ganthier, VP and GM for engineered solutions and cloud at Dell, discusses how his company approaches engineering server systems.

Tags: Cloud, Cloud server, Dell, servers, server hardware, OpenStack, cloud servers, Engineered Systems

HP's DL180 Gets the Gen9 Treatment

The HP DL180 Gen9 server may be just what you need if you're looking for a budget-priced two-socket server.

Tags: server review, Windows Server 2012, HP servers, Windows Server, HP Gen9, servers, server hardware, HP Gen 9

Dell's PowerEdge R920 Is a Monster of a Server

Dell's high-end R920 server certainly sports the specs, but can it handle nearly any workload of any size without skipping a beat?

Tags: PowerEdge, server review, Windows Server 2012, Dell PowerEdge, datacenter, Dell, data center, servers, server hardware, VMware, Windows Server

Cavium to Add Nvidia GPU Support to ARM-Based Server Chips

Cavium officials say supporting Tesla accelerators in their ThunderX SoCs will benefit such markets as HPC and data analytics.

Tags: AMD, Qualcomm, server hardware, Intel, Applied Micro, gpu accelerators, ARM processors, Data Analytics, HPC, Cavium, SoC

Oracle Goes After Cisco UCS, with the 'Whole Megillah'

Oracle aims to compete on price, but Cisco isn't worried.

Tags: Cisco UCS, IBM, Oracle Database, Engineered Systems, server hardware, Oracle, servers, Cisco

Oracle Accelerates to the Cloud

Oracle server hardware sales on the rebound, but the real driver of growth is in the cloud.

Tags: SaaS, Cloud, earnings report, servers, PaaS, earnings, Oracle Exalogic, IaaS, Oracle, server hardware

Dell Ups Its Game with the New T630 Tower Server

In conjunction with the release of the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 Haswell processors, Dell has rolled out a portfolio of new servers that includes the PowerEdge T630.

Tags: storage server, Windows Server, server review, server hardware, servers, data center, Dell, datacenter, Haswell processors, Haswell, Intel Xeon

New Gen 9 Servers Arriving from HP

Next-generation servers set to support 40 Gigabit Ethernet networking and 12 Gb/s storage drives.

Tags: Intel Xeon, HP Gen 9, HP Gen9, Intel, HP, servers, server hardware

Stacking Up Three Windows Server-Based Storage Solutions

Our latest server review compares several storage solutions running under either Windows Storage Server or Windows Server Essentials.

Tags: servers, Windows Server Essentials, Windows Storage Server, Windows Server 2012, server review, storage server, Windows Server, server hardware

Oracle Announces SPARC M7 with Security, Performance Enhancements

Integration with Database and Java development teams leads to new server CPU innovations.

Tags: servers, Sun Microsystems, database, Java, SPARC M7, Oracle, SPARC, server hardware

Super Micro SuperServer Delivers the Power

Consolidation is the name of the game in today's datacenter, and Super Micro has plenty of systems to help, including the SuperServer F627R3-R72B+.

Tags: servers, datacenter, server hardware, SuperMicro, server review, data center, rackmount

IBM Sells Server Business to Lenovo for $2.3 Billion

After another disappointing year of hardware sales, IBM throws in the towel on its low-end server business.

Tags: IBM Power Systems, IBM, servers, blade servers, Lenovo, server hardware

Server Management Tools: A Closer Look at HP's iLO and Dell's iDRAC

There's more to consider when purchasing new server infrastructure than simply the hardware. Make sure you do a little homework on the management side of the equation before your next server purchase.

Tags: server hardware, server management, data center, server review, Dell, HP

VMware CTO: Server Vendors Love Virtualization

The software-defined data center is not a threat to server vendors.

Tags: Virtualization Management, VMware, hypervisor, server hardware, virtualization

Editor's Note: A Time for Change at ServerWatch

ServerWatch Senior Managing Editor Amy Newman looks back on her 13 years of steering the site through industry and publishing changes, and welcomes a new editor on board.

Tags: server software, virtualization, open source, Apache, ftp server, web server, server hardware

IBM PureSystems Melds Hardware and Software Patterns

Big Blue wants to make it easier to get systems up with enterprise application pattern approach.

Tags: server hardware, IBM

HP AMD CPU Upgrades Crank Up the Capacity

A processor refresh doesn't necessarily mean you need a new server. Sometimes, simply dropping in new chips gives your server a huge performance boost. Paul Ferrill demonstrates how AMD's new 16-core chip ups the compute capacity of the HP ProLiant DL 385 G7 by 25 percent.

Tags: ProLiant, AMD, server hardware, HP

AMD Buys SeaMicro in a Bid to Capture Clouds

AMD to sell the startup's Intel processors-based cloud servers -- for now.

Tags: SeaMicro, cloud computing, AMD, server hardware

7 Blade Server Solutions to Transform Your Data Center

Boost your virtualization, private cloud or database-backed computing with these new blade servers. You'll save space, power and deployment headaches with high-density blade servers from your favorite manufacturers.

Tags: Oracle, server blade, SuperMicro, HP, server hardware, Dell, Cisco, IBM

Kontron Servers Buying Guide

Not familiar with Kontron? You're not alone. Until recently, it's main business was embedded boards and integrated computing platforms. Now the hardware vendor has added rackmount computers and enclosures to its lineup.

Tags: buyer's guide, rackmount, hardware, Intel, server hardware

SuperMicro SuperServer 5037C-T, a Server Option Beyond the Big Three

Looking for a solid entry-level server? Prefer to work with a smaller reseller rather than a large OEM? The SuperMicro SuperServer 5037C-T might be just right for your organization.

Tags: SuperMicro, SMB, server hardware, tower

HP Expands VirtualSystem for VMware

HP packages up physical services to deliver virtual services.

Tags: VMworld, HP, server hardware

About ServerWatch

Tags: server security, server review, server os, data center management, server hardware, server virtualization, open source server, server software

Unisys Server Buyer's Guide

If you ruled out Unisys because you think it sells just old school mainframes, it's time to give this server provider another look. The OEM's high-end x86 servers and mainframes take full advantage of its years of experience in implementing enterprise-class solutions.
Tags: buyer's guide, x86 server, mainframe, server hardware, Unisys

Stop Software Attacks From Destroying Your Servers

Stuxnet-style malware that attacks computer hardware, physically destroying servers, networking equipment and storage resources in your data center is easier to create than you might think. Learn how to stop it in its tracks.
Tags: server security, malware, server hardware, Stuxnet

Happy Birthday, IBM: Big Blue Turns 100 in June

IBM becomes a centenarian this month, a rare feat in an industry riddled with one-hit wonders and decade-old vendors that are considered venerable. How has this longstanding industry standard bearer kept pace with the times?
Tags: server hardware, IBM, Gartner, Server Market, IDC

Build Your Own Linux Test Server, Setting Up Storage

We continue our step-by-step guide of how to build a Linux test server. This time, we examine storage options and how to configure the machine as a test bed for new Linux distros.
Tags: Linux server, storage hardware, server hardware, Storage, testing tool

IBM System z

Mainframes may have been around since the 1940s, but, at least in the case IBM's System z, their capabilities are well suited for the 21st Century.

Tags: mainframe, IBM, system z, server hardware

Build Your Own Linux Test Server

If you're short on cash but looking for a server to test operating systems and virtual environments or a flexible machine capable of being quickly reconfigured for testing purposes, consider building your own. Here's how.
Tags: OS, server hardware, Linux server, Linux

Dell PowerEdge Servers

Dell's PowerEdge server family offers rack, tower and blade models designed for organizations of all sizes, from  the smallest of SMBs through large enterprises.

Tags: Dell, dell servers, Dell PowerEdge, server hardware

Dell First Server

Buying that first server isn't easy, but with Dell's first server program, enterprises can buy what they need for the present with an eye on the future.

Tags: dell servers, server hardware, Dell

10 Data Center Server Hardware Must-Haves

When making your 2011 hardware purchases, leave room for a few key items you really require to make good service great.
Tags: data center infrastructure, Top 10, server hardware, SAN, NAS

Dell's Acquisitions Part of Larger Enterprise Play

Dell embraces a startup mentality to reshape its image from being just a direct seller of hardware to a more comprehensive provider of all kinds of IT services.
Tags: Scalent, server hardware, Kace, Dell, cloud computing

What's Hot (and What's Not) for Servers

x86 servers are still in, but brand loyalty is out. Dell satisfies, while Oracle disappoints. Gabriel Consulting Group's third annual data center survey reveals the latest server trends and differentiators.
Tags: Dell, server hardware, x86 servers, HP, IBM

Dell Joins Novell for Linux Appliances

SUSE Linux Appliance program expands with Dell partnership.
Tags: SUSE Linux, appliance, Dell, Linux, server hardware

White Box Server Market Evolves Past Commodity Status

White box vendors were once known for being an inexpensive source for hardware. Today, with IBM, Dell and HP selling commodity servers at similar, and sometimes lower, price points, these companies must find an underserved niche if they are to survive. Electronics Nexus is one company that has been able to this by selling high-end custom servers and GPU supercomputers to SMBs.
Tags: SMB, HP, IBM, server hardware, whitebox

10 Server Predictions for '11

10 predictions based on server trends and server hardware evolution. How accurate will they be?
Tags: OS, 2011, SSD, hypervisor, server hardware

10 Server Hardware Highlights of 2010

From Oracle's acquisition of Sun to Cisco releasing blade servers to SSDs going mainstream, 2010 was an eventful year for server hardware. Revisit the 10 most notable milestones.
Tags: server hardware, Cisco UCS, 2010, Oracle, IBM

Server Hardware Revenue Growth Strongest in a Decade

Worldwide server hardware revenue in the latest quarter increased 13.2 percent from 2009, according to IDC. The research firm also reports HP and IBM remain in a tight race for bragging rights to the leading share of revenue.
Tags: server hardware, Dell, HP, IDC, IBM

Oracle T3 Server Buyer's Guide

Oracle threw down the gauntlet at the high-end of the server market this week, demonstrating its commitment to Sun servers at its annual OpenWorld show in San Francisco.
Tags: Sun, buyer's guide, OpenWorld, server hardware, Oracle

Oracle Sets High Performance Server Hardware Agenda

Promises to double application performance on Sparc systems every two years.
Tags: Sun, HPC, Oracle, server hardware, Solaris

HP Servers Buyer's Guide

Our latest Server Buyer's Guide looks at what the No. 1 server hardware vendor is selling these days.
Tags: server hardware, HP, buyer's guide, Integrity, ProLiant

Cloud Computing Drives Server Spending

An industry push for cloud computing services is driving new spending on server hardware.
Tags: cloud computing, server hardware

Dell Warns of Malware-Infected Server Motherboards

Dell is warning its customers that there is malware on some server motherboards.
Tags: motherboard, Dell, server, malware, server hardware

AMD Puts Pressure on Intel Server Processor Market Share

How long will Intel continue to dominate the server and PC processor markets?
Tags: server, processor, Intel, server hardware, AMD

SeaMicro Server Powered By Hundreds of Intel Atom Chips

The SM10000 server can use up to 512 Intel Atom chips as an alternative to more power-hungry microprocessors.
Tags: Intel Atom, server, server hardware

The Current State of Server Technology

Server technology is at a crossroads as x86 performance threatens high-end RISC/Itanium dominance.
Tags: server, x86, processor, server hardware, server technology

Plenty of AMD Server Hardware in TOP500 Supercomputers

Jaguar, a massive, 1.75 petaflop Cray XT5 supercomputer is based on the Six-Core AMD Opteron processor.
Tags: supercomputer, AMD, server hardware

From Obsolete Servers to Private Cloud in 3 Easy Steps

Frustrated with outdated equipment? Learn how to turn your old servers into a private cloud using open source tools.
Tags: server hardware, CentOS, virtualbox, cloud computing, private cloud

Worldwide Server Hardware Shipments Up 23 Percent: Gartner

After a year of free-falling, server hardware sales are finally starting to rebound. While the numbers are good now, the industry is coming off a drop in sales in previous quarters. Which parts of the server industry are headed in the right direction?
Tags: IBM, Gartner, Dell, server hardware, HP

Server Hardware: Power7 Blades Versus X64 Blades

When it comes to price/performance issues, which blade is best?
Tags: blade, server, server hardware, blade server

Data Center Server Performance

To squeeze greater efficiencies out of data center investments, it makes sense to start the process on the server side.
Tags: server performance, server, server hardware, power, cooling

EMC VPlex Buyer's Guide

With its recent release of VPlex, EMC is anything but quiet about its private cloud vision. At EMC World earlier this month, it elaborated on plans to go the distance with virtual storage.
Tags: virtual storage, buyer's guide, EMC VPLEX, EMC, server hardware

IBM Server Designed for Nvidia's Tesla

IBM's half-depth Xeon server will ogffer space for Nvidias Fermi technology.
Tags: GPU, IBM, server hardware, server

Xeon is Money in the Bank for Intel

Intel expects 70 percent of design wins from storage vendors opting to use Xeons.
Tags: server hardware, server, Intel, Xeon

CAStor Offers Power Conservation for Storage Server Hardware

Caringo has announced that its new CAStor 4.0 software includes an adaptive power conservation technology.
Tags: power management, server hardware, storage server, server

HP Superdome 2 Benchmarked

HP publishes benchmark test results of the forthcoming Tukwila Itanium 9300 servers.
Tags: HP< Superdome, server, server hardware

IBM System x Server Buyer's Guide

IBM has taken to the road with the message that Intel's Nehalem EX processors coupled with Big Blue's system engineering talents has resulted in a platform well-suited for virtualization, consolidation and mission-critical applications. Does the server hardware live up to the praise?
Tags: Intel, virtualization, IBM, System x, server hardware

iXsystems Donates Hardware for Open-Source Server Community

The company has donated new server hardware for the FreeBSD Project's Quality Assurance Tinderbox.
Tags: Open-source Server, FreeBSD, server hardware, server

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