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ContainerX Continues to Evolve at Lightning Speed

2016 is shaping up to be the year that many innovative new container management platforms enter General Availability, ContainerX included.

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Docker Debuts Swarm Mode and More at DockerCon

Docker Swarm Mode highlights an impressive set of announcements as Docker strives to make its container platform more convenient to set up, more secure and easier to use.

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Container Security Stepping Up to the Plate

The recent launch of Docker Security Scanning is just the latest sign that the security ecosystem around containers is getting stronger by the week.

Tags: cloud computing, security, Google, Cloud, Microsoft, EMC, virtualization, Apple, Dell, server virtualization, Hyper-V, VMware, public cloud, VMware vSphere, Triton, containers, virtually speaking, public clouds, docker, orchestration, Docker Containers, CoreOS, Kubernetes, container security, virtualized infrastructure, containerization, CoreOS Linux, Google Kubernetes, VMware vSphere 6, vRealize, CoreOS Rocket, Reporting-as-a-Service, Twistlock, Open Container Initiative, Docker 1.8, Docker Security Scanning

The CoreOS Science of Securing Container Infrastructure

Alex Polvi has a history of casting aspersions on the security of the Docker container ecosystem, and now his company is taking a giant step towards making container infrastructure more secure.

Tags: security, containers, virtually speaking, docker, Docker Containers, CoreOS, Kubernetes, container security, virtualized infrastructure, containerization, CoreOS Linux, Google Kubernetes, CoreOS Rocket, Open Container Initiative

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 Adds Security, DR Features

This year's second major milestone release of the leading Linux operating system platform provides new security features as well as improved disaster recovery.

Tags: open source, security, Red Hat, enterprise linux, disaster recovery, DNS security, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2, Fedora Linux

When Virtualized Infrastructure Comes at an Added Cost

While server virtualization certainly offers many great benefits, when it comes to security there are potentially expensive drawbacks to consider.

Tags: security, virtualization, server virtualization, VMware, containers, virtually speaking, Docker Containers, container security, virtualized infrastructure, containerization

Windows Server 2003 Meets the Zombie Apocalypse

Don’t create zombie Windows Server 2003 systems. Running a server with the out-of-support operating system can attract hackers and land small businesses in legal hot water.

Tags: security, Windows Server 2003

Say Good-Bye to Windows Server 2003

Time is running out. This summer, Microsoft will close the book the Windows Server 2003. Start planning a replacement strategy today to keep your business data safe and secure.

Tags: security, small business, Windows Server 2003

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 Delivers Precision Timing

Red Hat's new enterprise Linux release debuts with new security, virtualization and time-keeping features.

Tags: Linux, security, virtualization, Red Hat, Enterprise, RHEL 6.5, precision timing, Precision Timing Protocol, Network Timing Protocol

AMD Gets Cozy with ARM for Hybrid Chips, Security

Can the embattled chipmaker best Intel by teaming with ARM, the mobile processor king?

Tags: security, AMD, ARM, ARM server, AMD fusion

Securing a VNC Server on Linux with SSH

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) enables you to use a GUI instead of a command-line interface when remotely connecting to a Linux or Unix machine, but security's another matter entirely.  Discover how to make sure your VNC server connections stay secure.

Tags: Linux, security, Linux server, tutorials, tutorial, SSH, vnc, server tutorial

VMware Source Code Leak Reveals Virtualization Security Concerns

Was VMware's recent security breach a bombshell or something barely worth raising an eyebrow about?  A security expert weighs in.

Tags: security, virtualization, server virtualization, VMware, Security Breaches

Intel Accelerates Servers with Xeon E5 Chip Launch

Latest Intel server chip release delivers new I/O, security and performance gains.

Tags: security, Intel, I/O, Xeon, xeon e5

Kaspersky Previews Anti-malware for VMware Environments

Security software provider secures virtual machines running Windows and hints at markets beyond VMware.

Tags: security, virtual machine, VM, VMware, Kaspersky, Kaspersky Labs

4 Mobile Management Solutions to Keep Your Enterprise Secure and in Sync

As mobile devices in the enterprise grow by leaps and bounds, enterprises' ability to remotely manage them, including enforcing security policies and keeping data in sync, becomes ever more important. Here are four solutions to help resolve this growing data center dilemma.

Tags: security, email, mobile, open source software, mobile device, mobile device management, Zimbra

Why the Ideal Virtual Infrastructure Is 'Boring Business as Usual'

Adopting virtualization technology  often leads companies to carry out security, backup and other day-to-day activities in new and different ways. This often adds unnecessary costs and complexity. Symantec's solution? Keep it simple.

Tags: cloud computing, security, Symantec, server virtualization, Storage

Kemp Adds Pre-Configured Templates to Load Balancer Firmware

Seeking to reduce the time required to deploy load balancing for enterprise applications, Kemp Technologies has updated its LoadMaster firmware to support pre-configured application templates.

Tags: security, load balancing, Kemp Technologies, template

Kernel Developers Share Security Tips

Learn tips for keeping your Linux system safe in this post-kernel.org-breach world.

Tags: security, tip of the trade, SSH, Linux security, Kernel.org

10 Secure Linux Distributions You Need To Know About

If security is a primary concern for you (it should be), introduce yourself to 10 secure Linux distributions ready to work in any environment from small to enterprise to cloud.

Tags: open source, Linux, security, distribution, Linux distribution

Check WordPress for Exploits

WordPress is one of the most popular CMSes, which means it is among the more commonly exploited. Use the Exploit Scanner plugin to help lock it down.
Tags: security, Wordpress, tip of the trade, plugin, exploits

Apache Updates HTTP Web Server for Security and the Future

Apache updates the world's most popular web server with a security update and a beta for the next generation of HTTP.
Tags: security, Apache, open source software, web server, HTTP

DenyHosts: Keep on Knocking but You Can't Come In

DenyHosts makes it easy to ward off unauthorized SSH connection attempts. The utility blocks attempts to connect to your server via SSH after too many failed attempts or from a blacklisted host.
Tags: security, open source software, tip of the trade, SSH

Discover Rootkits With Unhide

When your system is rooted, you can't trust most utilities to show processes from the rootkit. To identify the problem, check out unhide and unhide.rb.
Tags: security, open source software, open source tool, tip of the trade, rootkit

Making Your Virtual Security Real

When it comes to beefing up the security of your virtualized IT environment, to whom are you going to turn?
Tags: security, virtualization technology, server virtualization, hypervisor, Security Advisory

Security: The Biggest Holdup to Cloud Computing

A lack of understanding of security risks is one of the key factors hampering cloud computing adoption. Find out the five most overlooked threats to the technology.
Tags: cloud computing, security, virtualization, cloud security, hypervisor

4 Easy Steps to Securing Your Servers in the Public Cloud

When it comes to security in the public cloud, you're on your own. Your cloud provider will not help protect your systems from hackers and other attacks beyond protecting its own infrastructure. However, with due diligence you can minimize your risks.
Tags: security, public cloud, server security

10 Workloads That Should Never Go in a Public Cloud

Security is the primary reason you should never consider deploying any these 10 workloads to a public cloud.
Tags: cloud computing, security, customer relationship management, public cloud, deployment

Generate Secure Passwords With Pwgen

Coming up with good passwords is never easy. Enter Pwgen, a utility that generates random (but pronounceable) passwords.
Tags: Linux, security, Security practices, password, tip of the trade

More Yum Plugins: Security and Package Priority

Yum Plugins make it easy to extend the open source tool's functionality. The security plugin and the priorities plugins are a great place to start.
Tags: open source, security, open source software, open source tool, tip of the trade

The 5 People You Meet in the Data Center

Whether you're a sys admin who needs physical access to a server in the data center or a business owner moving your data center to the cloud, it is important to meet the people who support and maintain your data center.
Tags: security, data center management, system administrator, staffing, data center facilities management

Use Virtual 8086 Mode to Secure Virtual Servers

'Security through virtualization' is a strategy that's bound to fail. So how do you protect your virtual machines? By testing virtualization systems methodically. One way to accomplish this is to break virtualization by switching to virtual 8086 mode.
Tags: security, virtual server, server virtualization, Virtual Server Security, 8086 mode

Windows Server Security Best Practices

When it comes to Windows server security, it's all about reaction time.
Tags: security, security best practices, OS, Windows Server, Windows Server security

Open Source Windows SSH Client Delivers Security Boost

The Windows SSH client, PuTTY, is incredibly useful and becomes even more so when set up with a private/public keypair.
Tags: Windows, security, open source software, tip of the trade, SSH

Scaling the Security Chasm

It takes more than mere compliance to keep your organization truly secure.
Tags: security, compliance, viruses, password, customer data

Server Virtualization Presents New Security Concerns

Firewalls and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) may not be enough to defend against malicious hypervisors.
Tags: security, virtualization, server virtualization, server security

3 Ways to Secure Your Virtualized Data Center

Server virtualization may have caught on far and wide, but the technology for securing virtual environments lags. Regaining visibility at the access layer is critical to keeping your data safe. Here are three ways to accomplish this.
Tags: security, virtual server, data center, server virtualization, virtual machine

'Secure OS': The Latest IT Oxymoron

The latest security research from Secunia shows security vulnerabilities among the major vendors increasing as much as fourfold in the past four years. Apple may think it stands apart, but its record is spotty, and with iPhone jailbreaks now 'legal,' its security woes may only be beginning.
Tags: security, security vulnerabilities, iPhone, Apple, jailbreak

CA Debuts 5 Virtualization Management Apps

Five new virtualization applications are designed to simplify life for IT managers and ease the complexity of moving virtual data loads throughout the organization.
Tags: security, software, management, virtualization, CA

Cloud Computing With Less Security Risk

Are security issues holding your company back from deploying cloud computing? Asking key questions and trusting your intuition goes a long way in reducing the likelihood of security issues cropping up.
Tags: cloud computing, security, cloud security

Improve IT Security With Server Virtualization

New virtual and appliance offerings from Core Security aim to improve businesses' security by automating testing -- helping IT admins gather more 'Insight' into what's at risk.
Tags: security, server virtualization, penetration testing, Core Security

Trend Micro Secures Enterprise Virtualization Technologies

Trend Micro's virtualization technologies offer security for virtual environments.
Tags: security, virtualization technologies, VDI, secure virtual enviornment

Medusa: Open Source Software 'Login Brute-Forcer' for Password Auditing

By now, it's practically canon that bad passwords can have catastrophic consequences. What can a security admin do to ensure users are doing their part for server security? Enter Medusa, an open source software password auditing tool for Linux that will put all of your organization's passwords to the test.
Tags: security, open source software, security audit, medusa

Symantec's Free DNS Service Blocks Malware

The free DNS service uses a special name server to block known malware and phishing websites.
Tags: security, Symantec, malware, server tool, DNS service

New Tool Addresses JBoss Server Security

The upcoming AthCon conference will highlight the security risks facing JBoss server admins.
Tags: security, server, JBoss

Citrix, McAfee Make Virtual Desktop Security Simpler

The companies have announced a partnership to make virtual desktop security simpler for large enterprise deployments.
Tags: security, Citrix, virtual desktop, McAfee

Server Security: The Threat from Within

You've built a virtual fortress to keep strangers off of your servers and out of your data center, but did you know your greatest enemy is more likely to be one of your own employees?
Tags: security, cyber security, data center security, server security

Gartner Says 60 Percent of Virtualized Servers Will Be Less Secure Than the Physical Servers They Replace Through 2012

Gartner Outlines Six Most Common Virtualization Security Risks and How to Combat Them
Tags: security, server, virtualization, VMware

WatchGuard Announces Quarantine Management Server

WatchGuard offers businesses protection against spam, phishing and malware-laden messages.
Tags: security, spam, server, malware, appliance

VirusBarrier Server Has New Defense Update

VirusBarrier Server 3 runs on 64-bit code and includes a number of new security features.
Tags: security, server, malware, virus, Mac OS X

Testing Enterprise Public Clouds

The benefits of public clouds are obvious, but what about the pitfalls?
Tags: security, Cloud, server, Enterprise, public cloud

Mac OS X 10.6.3 Client and Server Versions

The 10.6.3 Snow Leopard update includes bug fixes, improvements, and security fixes.
Tags: security, server, Exchange, snow leopard, Mac OS

Server Virtualization Security Issues

There are a number of security issues to consider when planning and deploying server virtualization.
Tags: security, virtualization technologies, virtual server, VMM, ESX Server

Jumping on the Cloud? Consider these Security Issues

A little planning and preparation can help you avoid a potential cloud nightmare.
Tags: cloud computing, security, Cloud server, cloud service, public cloud

Secure Server Virtualization Using Hyper-V

Authorization Manger makes secure server virtualization more than a pipe dream. These best practices show you the two best ways to secure Hyper-V Server and virtual machines using Authorization Manager.
Tags: security, Microsoft, virtual, server virtualization, Hyper-V

Apache Web Server Flaws Patched

A handful of vulnerabilities in Apache Web server get fixed, including one flaw that impacts only Windows systems.
Tags: security, Apache, patches, apache web server, httpd

Data Center Jobs in Demand: IT Security

When it comes to data center jobs, IT security is the place to be. Salaries are on the rise as demand for security pros grows.
Tags: security, IT, survey, salaries

VMware, RSA, Intel Join Forces to Secure Cloud Computing Environment

Virtually Speaking: VMware, Intel and RSA have partnered to make cloud computing more secure, for the private cloud. Will anyone care?
Tags: security, Intel, private cloud, VMware, RSA

Qualys Offers Free Web Server Scanning

QualysGuard Malware Detection allows Web server administrators to perform automatic scans of external-facing Web servers.
Tags: security, malware, service, web server, scanning

GlobalSCAPE Adds Enhanced File Transfer to Enterprise MFT Solution

GlobalSCAPE, Inc. has announced enhancements to its enterprise MFT solution, and a new customer deployment at AMD.
Tags: security, globalscape, MFT, Enhanced File Transfer Server, EFT

Keeping the Zeus Botnet Out of Your Enterprise

Zeus is old, but the more than 70,000 unique variants is still good at stealing credentials.
Tags: security, SSL, botnet, Enterprise, Zeus

Using Access Controls on Windows Server 2008

Configuring Windows Server 2008 features will improve authentication and access control in your network.
Tags: authentication, security, Windows Server 2008, access controls, configurations

The Challenges of Standardizing Cloud Computing

What happens when businesses begin outsourcing the technology that has been defined by their processes?
Tags: cloud computing, security, Cloud, standards

RIM Offers Free SMB Server Software

The new software gives smaller businesses smartphone security without paying enterprise-level costs.
Tags: security, server, mobile, smartphone, RIM

Enterprises Support Private Clouds

Enterprises are not ready to tap in to public clouds, but many are experimenting with private cloud computing.
Tags: security, Cloud, private cloud, Enterprise

Mobile Apps Invade the Enterprise

Enterprise-friendly servers and security controls help control third-party mobile apps.
Tags: security, server, mobile, applications, Enterprise

Patch Tuesday will Fix Issues Across all Platforms, Including Servers

Microsoft's Security Bulletin Advance Notification lists major fixes for a number across all Microsoft platforms.
Tags: security, Microsoft, server, patch, update

Oracle Breaks Zero-Day Cycle

Oracle forced to address a critical vulnerability in the WebLogic Node Manager utility after exploit code was released to the public.
Tags: Oracle, security, patch, exploit

Challenges and Security Concerns of Public Clouds

When it comes to the cloud there are obvious benefits and a few challenges too.
Tags: security, Cloud, network, public cloud

Private Cloud, Defined

'Private cloud' is a term heard often these days. What does it actually mean?
Tags: cloud computing, security, Cloud, private cloud

Network Solutions Hit by Limited Web Server Attack

Internet service provider, Network Solutions, recently experienced a limited attack on Web sites hosted on their Unix servers.
Tags: security

2010: The Year of Virtualizing Securely

Virtually Speaking: Two sets of survey results released this week point to security as the next major hurdle for virtualization.
Tags: security, virtualization, Symantec, CDW

Security Issues Temper Virtualization Craze

While 90 percent of enterprises surveyed by CDW have virtualized portions of their datacenters, 62 percent are still keeping "critical" apps on physical servers.
Tags: security, virtualization, datacenter, CDW

Semicolon Bug Reveals IIS Vulnerability

A zero-day vulnerability in IIS revealed on Christmas day allows attackers to bypass file extension protections using a semicolon after an executable extension.
Tags: security, Microsoft, vulnerability, IIS

'Unlucky 13': Symantec's Security Trends for 2010

Hackers and malware purveyors are becoming more sophisticated. Computer users must follow suit by becoming equally wiser and more proactive.
Tags: security, Symantec, malware, antivirus, antispam

Configuring Hyper-V Security Using Authorization Manager

When deploying virtualization technologies, key choices must be made to ensure the environment is secure. This article explains how to use Authorization Manager to make Hyper-V as secure as it can be.
Tags: security, operating system, Windows Server 2008, virtual, Hyper-V

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