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HP Secures Virtualized, Physical Dedicated Servers

In the virtualized world of dedicated servers, security breaches carry a higher level of risk.
Tags: server, virtual server, physical server, dedicated server

Physical Versus Virtual Servers

Virtualization technologies are not a new, in fact mainframes and non-x86 operating systems have been virtualized for a long time.
Tags: server, virtualization, virtual server, x86, physical server

Open vSwitch Releases Multilayer Virtual Switch

The virtual machine access switch supports multiple hypervisors and the Xen cloud platform.
Tags: virtual server, Switch, Virtual Switch, physical server

Lanamark Offers Free Enterprise Asset Discovery Tool

Lanamark Suite Express Edition lets enterprises gather asset inventory from up to 50,000 systems and also search physical and virtual machines.
Tags: virtual server, physical server, server tool, asset discovery

Cloudkick Spans Cloud and Physical Servers

The Cloudkick Server manager lets you manage cloud and physical servers.
Tags: Cloud, server, Cloud server, physical server

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