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ActiveState Expands Platform-as-a-Service Cloud Tech for Perl

Perl cloud vendor run by a 15 year old entrepreneur gets snapped up.
Tags: cloud computing, Cloud, perl, ActiveState

Simplify Perl Module Management With CPAN Minus

Perl may not be glamorous, but its modules are often hard to avoid. Oftentimes, the standard CPAN shell makes using them more difficult than it needs to be. If that's the case for you, consider switching to CPAN Minus.
Tags: open source software, tip of the trade, perl

Making Linux Server Directories More Readable, Add to Perl's @INC Array

Tip of the Trade: Anyone who has encountered the Perl @INC array in the context of a 'cannot find module' error knows the value of being able to see a list of directories on you Linux server. Here's how to access @INC and find obscurely located modules before they are lost.
Tags: Linux, Linux server, OS, perl

'Tis the Season: The Perl Advent Calendar

Tip of the Trade: Less chocolatey, but more useful. Since 2000, the Perl Advent Calendar has been providing a useful Perl module each day from December 1 through Christmas Eve.
Tags: Linux, OS, perl

Perl and the Flip-Flop Operator

Tip of the Trade: The flip-flop operator in Perl is quite useful for comparing arguments, but it does have some surprising quirks.
Tags: Linux, OS, tip of the trade, perl

More Special Variables in Perl: Outputs

Last week we looked at special Perl variables for reading things in; this week we look at the other side -- variables that are useful when you want to write things out.
Tags: Linux, perl

Dealing With Records in Perl

Tip of the Trade: Perl is a great tool for reading in information from a file. Several useful special variables can be used to neaten up code or alter the default behavior when reading in records.
Tags: Linux, programming, OS, programming language, perl

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