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SUSE Brings ARM Server Support to Linux Distribution

The company unveils a version of SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 for ARM-based servers powered by ARM chips from Applied Micro, Cavium and others.

Tags: Intel, servers, AMD, open-source software, Cavium, software development, ARM processors, Applied Micro, SUSE Linux Enterprise 12

Cavium, Canonical Demo OpenStack Running on ARM-Based Servers

At the OpenStack Summit, the companies show a cluster of servers powered by Cavium's ThunderX SoCs running OpenStack, Ubuntu and various workloads.

Tags: Linux, cloud computing, Intel, Dell, x86 servers, HP, Lenovo, open-source software, Cavium, OpenStack, ARM processors, canonical ubuntu

Open-Source Servers Drive Cloud Computing

The 'cloud' was made possible by open-source software, but we see a shift in moving the focus away from open-source servers to applications.
Tags: open-source, open-source software, Open-source Servers, Open-source Server, open-source cloud

OpenSolaris, Still Open-Source Software Ready to Serve

Oracle's change tempo picks up as it changes the licensing rules for Solaris. OpenSolaris' open-source software song remains the same, however.
Tags: Oracle, Solaris, OpenSolaris, open-source software

Open-Source Software Shortcut, Excluding Directories From Grep

Tip of the Trade: Want to use Grep without including some directories? Here's a simple, yet efficient way, for the open-source software to find what you're looking for.
Tags: OS, open-source, open-source software, tip of the trade, grep

Open-Source Software Vendor Red Hat Updates JBoss Platforms

The open-source software vendor releases SOA Platform 5.0, Enterprise Web Platform 5.0 and JBoss Developer Studio 3.
Tags: Linux, JBoss, Red Hat, app, open-source software

Rackspace Cloud 'Drizzles' Into Open-Source Software

Rackspace is now a leading sponsor of MySQL spin-off Drizzle with a plan to help the open-source software project get in shape for cloud-based deployments.
Tags: MySQL, Cloud, Rackspace, open-source software, Drizzle

10 Server Apps That Should Be Available as Open-Source Software

Don't hold your breath waiting for the companies that sell these 10 products to add them to the open-source software rebellion, but in a perfect world, it could happen.
Tags: Microsoft, Apache, OS, open-source software, Open-source Server

Get the Most Out of Your Open-Source Software With Redirection in Bash

Tip of the Trade: Bash redirection is tricky. Here's a handy cheat sheet for this open-source software utility.
Tags: Linux, OS, open-source software, bash

Open-Source Software: Bad, Evil and Un-American

OS Roundup: So says the International Intellectual Property Alliance, a group of trade bodies that includes the MPAA and the RIAA. In its eyes, countries that encourage the use of open-source software are in the same league as those with rampant copyright piracy.
Tags: open source, Linux, piracy, open-source software, RIAA

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