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Docker to Gain New Ground in 2015, After Taking Center Stage in 2014

NEWS ANALYSIS: In the cloud/virtualization world, one technology dominated the conversation in 2014: "Docker." The technology will see further expansion in 2015.

Tags: Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, open-source, docker, container virtualization

Open-Source Servers Drive Cloud Computing

The 'cloud' was made possible by open-source software, but we see a shift in moving the focus away from open-source servers to applications.
Tags: open-source, open-source software, Open-source Servers, Open-source Server, open-source cloud

Red Hat Sees VMware at the Biggest Competitor

Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst recently stated that VMware was the open source software vendor's largest competitor.
Tags: cloud computing, virtualization, Red Hat, VMware, open-source

Opscode Announces Commercial Open-Source Platform

The Opscode Platform beta release of the Opscode Platform is a hosted configuration management service.
Tags: Cloud, server management, hosted, open-source, Opscode

SoftLayer Offers Open-Source Customer Portal

Stratos can be installed it on a PHP-enabled web server and configure per-user skinning, language, and access levels.
Tags: server, open-source, web server, portal

Linuxcare Offers Open-Source Cloud Migration Support

Linuxcare says it will provide support services for companies migrating to open-source cloud computing.
Tags: Linux, open-source, open-source cloud, Linuxcare

Open-Source Server Virtual Monitoring Solution

Mikoomi has announced an enterprise monitoring agent for IBM's WebSphere Application Server.
Tags: virtual, open-source, Open-source Server, tool

Build You Own Cloud with Open-Source Ubuntu Enterprise

Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud is integrated with the open-source Eucalyptus private cloud platform.
Tags: Ubuntu, open-source, Eucalyptus, enterprise cloud

CloudStack Lets Anyone be a Cloud Sever Provider

The open source CloudStack software makes it easy for anyone to get into the cloud business.
Tags: Cloud, server, Cloud server, open-source, web server

Linux KVM for Virtualized Cloud Services

Will KVM will be the open source hypervisor of choice in the long term?
Tags: Linux, Cloud, hypervisor, KVM, open-source

Zmanda ZRM Optimizes Distributed MySQL Servers Environments

Zmanda Open-Source Cloud Backup for MySQL Installations includes new add-ons for ZRM and ZBC.
Tags: MySQL, server, backup, open-source, distributed

Fedora Beta to Offer Replacement for Exchange Server Messaging

Fedora plans to launch the beta of a thirteenth version of a product on the thirteenth of the month. The date may be unlucky, but the beta has numerous tweaks and features.
Tags: Fedora, open-source, Exchange server, Zarafa

The Push for Open-source Clouds

Several companies have joined to form the Free Cloud Alliance which will push open source products.
Tags: Cloud, virtual, storage cloud, open-source

Open-Source Software Shortcut, Excluding Directories From Grep

Tip of the Trade: Want to use Grep without including some directories? Here's a simple, yet efficient way, for the open-source software to find what you're looking for.
Tags: OS, open-source, open-source software, tip of the trade, grep

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