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Virtual Doesn't Have to Mean a Performance Hit

AMD set out to prove that through collaboration with platform vendors and today's multi-core processors, virtualization doesn't necessarily mean a performance penalty.

Tags: virtualization, processors, AMD, multi-core, Memcached

Intel Delivers New Xeon Multicore Server CPUs

Two new families of server CPUs provide what Intel calls dramatic performance improvements for multicore systems at the high end and low end of the market.
Tags: Intel, Xeon, multi-core, Xeon 7500

Massively Multi-Core Servers for New Server Technologies

Massively multi-core server technology will enable data center operators to run between 2,000 and 10,000 computing cores in a single rack using only 8 kilowatts of power.
Tags: server, multi-core, Server Technologies

New Line of IBM Servers Lifts Performance, Efficiency To Allow New Levels of Consolidation

The new System x M3 and Blade Center systems include: Two new rack servers, the x3650 M3 and the x3550 M3 deliver 50% more memory capacity and 60% more internal storage than the previous IBM generation. The x3650 M3 is also 50% more power-efficient than the previous generation, which was the industry leader in power efficiency.
Tags: server, IBM, Xeon, multi-core

Top 10 Server Technologies in 2010

Here's a count-down of the top technologies that will have the most impact on servers in 2010
Tags: server, virtualization, multi-core, Nehalem EX

2 IBM servers equipped with the NEW Intel Xeon 5600 series

Check out what the latest Intel processors means to IBM server performance.
Tags: server, IBM, Xeon, multi-core

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