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5 Reasons Nokia Won't Save Microsoft's Mobile OS

Microsoft and Nokia have teamed up in the hope of at last conquering the smartphone market. Many are calling this a last ditch effort for both the phone maker and the OS vendor to have any sort of presence in this complex market. Here's why the venture is likely to fail.
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The Looming OS Identity Crisis

The gap between where desktop computing ends and mobile computing begins is becoming increasingly murkier as tablets make strides to cross the chasm. Not surprisingly, no two vendors demonstrate this more sharply than Microsoft vs. Apple.
Tags: Microsoft, iPhone, Apple, server os, mobile os

OS Turf Wars Move to Mobile

With Windows Phone 7 arriving on the scene, the mobile market is looking much like the OS market, redux. Will it carve out a similar footprint?
Tags: iPhone, Windows 7, iOS 4, BlackBerry OS, mobile os

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