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Red Hat Crosses $2B in Revenue as OpenStack Cloud Grows

It's not just Linux alone anymore as Red Hat grows middleware and cloud potential.

Tags: cloud computing, middleware, Cloud, Red Hat, hybrid cloud, OpenStack, Mirantis, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 4.0, Red Hat OpenStack

Red Hat Sets JBoss Free with WildFly Application Server

Next-generation open source Java Application Server Project begins to take shape.

Tags: middleware, JBoss, Red Hat, application server, WildFly

Oracle x86 Servers Buying Guide

Oracle continues to invest in the abundant x86 intellectual property it inherited from Sun Microsystems, and with its latest x86 server releases the company is positioning them even more prominently.

Tags: Oracle, middleware, server, virtualization, x86, x86 server

Red Hat Revamps JBoss Portal and Operations Network

New releases advance content delivery and middleware server management.

Tags: open source, middleware, JBoss, Red Hat, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Oracle Brings WebLogic 12 to the Cloud

First major release of Java middleware server in two years, advances scalability, Java EE 6 and Java SE 7 features.

Tags: Java, Oracle, cloud computing, middleware, Java EE, WebLogic

Microsoft Partners With Fujitsu on Azure Middleware

Fujitsu announced it will ship four middleware products for Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud platform.
Tags: middleware, Microsoft, Azure, Fujitsu, public cloud

WS02 Brings Middleware to the Cloud

Open source Stratos 1.5 platform delivers Complex Event Processing as a service.
Tags: cloud computing, middleware, open source software, WSO2

Red Hat Previews JBoss Application Server 7

New open source middleware Java Server release nears completion.
Tags: Java, middleware, JBoss, Red Hat, application server

WS02 Updates Middleware Servers

Moving messages from .NET to Java platforms get easier with new middleware messaging engine.
Tags: open source, middleware, open source software, WSO2, CEP

VMware's Next Move

Virtually Speaking: As VMworld '09 comes closer, VMware annouces its intent to acquire two companies for the price of one, raising some questions about its latest directional shift.
Tags: cloud computing, middleware, virtualization, VMware, SpringSource

Oracle Unveils Fusion Middleware 11g

7,350 person-years of engineering nets "significant new capabilities."
Tags: Oracle, middleware

Red Hat to Open Up JBoss Middleware

At the JavaOne Conference Red Hat will unveil a new core open source platform designed for users who don't need all the bells and whistles of Java Enterprise Edition.
Tags: Java, middleware, JBoss, Red Hat, OS

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