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Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2013 R2 Released

The software company's desktop virtualization and management suite is updated to support Windows 8.1 and receives file sync improvements.

Tags: Microsoft, management, desktop virtualization, Office 2013, Windows 8.1

IBM Launches Massive New Mainframe Systems

The mainframe supports a major upgrade that reflects a structural change at IBM.
Tags: management, IBM, virtualization, mainframe, zEnterprise

CA Debuts 5 Virtualization Management Apps

Five new virtualization applications are designed to simplify life for IT managers and ease the complexity of moving virtual data loads throughout the organization.
Tags: security, software, management, virtualization, CA

New Tool for Server Room Monitoring

Degree Controls announces the Accusense F333 monitoring tool.
Tags: server, management, data center, server management, monitor

Xangati Management Tools for Virtual Servers

Management is key to delivering reliable services based upon virtual server technology.
Tags: management, virtual server, virtualization technology, VMware

Virtualization Management is More than Tools

If your organization was poorly run before virtualization, virtualizing likely will make it worse.
Tags: management, virtualization, tools, failover

Leadership Means Taking the Lead

Being a leader requires more than simply sitting behind a desk reading reports.
Tags: management, careers, staffing, staff management, leadership

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